How to Enable the Optional SSO Setting for the Absorb Learn Mobile App


The following is for System Admins that want to have the Absorb Learner Mobile turned on, you can learn more about this feature here.


As a System Admin, you can choose to enable to the Absorb Learn Mobile App for your Portal.  Once you configure your Portal to allow for this app (see this article for configuration details), your Learners will have the option to access their Online Courses and Curricula through an app on their mobile devices. 

Absorb LMS has also established support for Service Provider Initiated SAML SSO setting that you can configure in the web LMS for a particular department / route.  So, if you want your Learners to use this SSO with their mobile app, you will need to follow the additional steps noted in this article to configure your SSO settings.  

Important Note

This article specifically addresses the details needed for configuring Service Provider Initiated SAML SSO for your portal when setting up the Absorb Learn Mobile App.  Please read this article for more details about setting up SAML 2.0 SSo for your web LMS.

  • If you have an IDP initiated SSO configuration and want to have SSO used for the Mobile App, a new route needs to be created.


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A new route that is mobile specific must be set up by Absorb before you can enable the SSO setting. Please contact your Absorb Representative to establish this route. 

Contact your Absorb Representative

Once the new route has been established, the System Admin should sign in to the Admin site and select the Settings icon from the right side of the page.  Several Account options will be displayed.


Select Portal Settings from the Account options.

4. Select Manage SSO Settings from the options on the right side of your page.  sso1.png

Click on the pencil to the right of the Mode: Service Provider Initiated to expand the editable fields. You will then be able to configure the fields defined below. (Required fields are identified by a red asterisk next to the field name.)


Type in the Key which is the 509 public certificate of the IdP that is used for the SAML assertion signature. (You must configure your portal with your IdP's public key so that Absorb can verify your signed SAML assertions.)


Write in your ID Property which is a unique identifier field chosen in the Absorb LMS that is to be used as the identifying NameID through the SAML assertion.


Type in your Login URL or the URL of your organizations cloud based provider.


Click the + to the right of the Assigned Routes field to search and select the existing route for your LMS that your learners will use to access the LMS via the SSO.

For more details on configuring the settings for the Service Provider Initiated SAML SSO, review this article


Then click the Save button on the right side of the screen to save this SSO configuration for your Absorb Learn Mobile App.


Your IT must configure the following fields in your own IDP for your Absorb Learn Mobile App:

  • Identifier
  • Reply URL
  • Unique User Identifier
  • Relay State

Please share the detailed attached document with your IT team. Once they complete these steps, your Learners can Login to your Absorb Learn Mobile App.

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