Can I Allow My Learners to Enroll in an ILC Session After it has Started?



Admins can set up Instructor Led Courses so that Learners can enroll even after the session has started.  This is most helpful when creating a just-in-time training where a Learner may walk in to a session and then register after the session has started.  

In addition, by allowing Learners to register for a course after it has started, Admins will no longer have to manually enroll high numbers of Learners into one or more sessions if they have a high walk-in population.   

This article is for all Admins and it explains the process for configuring a Session so that Learners can enroll in the session after the ILC has started.  This article also highlights a few additional considerations an Admin should take into account when configuring Sessions that allow a Learner to enroll in a Session after it has started.

Configuring Sessions to Allow Enrollment After Session Start Date

Once you create an ILC and one Session, you can easily configure the Session so that allows Learners to enroll even after the Session has started.  (If you are unsure how to create a session, review the directions in this article.)

If you want to allow Learners to enroll after the session has begun, you only need to provide an Enrollment End Date for that session.  You would add this date through the Enrollment Tab after you choose to Add a session.  


If no Enrollment End Date has been added, the Learners will not be able to enroll after the Session had begun.  

For example, you create a session for an ILC for November 1 from 9am to 11am and then add an Enrollment End Date at November 1st at 10am.  Your Learners will be able to enroll in this Session up to 10am even though the ILC began at 9am. If you do not add the Enrollment End Date, your Learners will not be able to enroll in the session after they started. If they do walk in to the Session, they would need to be manually enrolled by an Admin instead.

Adding an end date does not impact a Learner's ability to cancel a Session.  As long as the course-level toggle has been set to allow the Learner to cancel or change a session, they will be able to change or cancel their enrollment even after the Session has started.  

Additional Considerations

Admins should consider these additional rule when configuring Sessions so a Learner can enroll in a Session after it has started:

  • Multiple Classes in the Session: In cases where multiple classes have been configured for a given session, if the first class already completed we do not allow enrollment regardless of the Enrollment End Date.
  • E-Commerce: ILCs available via E-Commerce can be purchased and enrolled in after the session start date if an Enrollment End Date has been added for the given session and it's after the session's start date and time.
  • Waitlists: If a waitlist is enabled on the session we do not allow enrollment to the session after it has started even if there's an Enrollment End Date set after the session start date/time. 
  • Timezone Validation: If an Admin sets the date and time for a virtual ILC based on their own timezone, the timezone of the Learner will be validated to ensure that they are enrolling within the defined enrollment time.  For example, if an Admin in Calgary sets the Enrollment End Date for a Course at 11/1/19 at 8am, a virtual Learner in New York (EST) could enroll at 9:30am because the 8am MST has not yet passed. 
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