How Do Learners Review and Enroll in Online Courses and Curricula Within the Absorb Learning Mobile App?

The following is available to Learners if their portal has been enabled for the Absorb Learning Mobile App. Learn more about this feature here.


If the Absorb Learning mobile app has been enabled on your portal, your Learners can view their Course Catalog and enroll and complete online Courses and Curricula through the Absorb App. This article can be used by Admins to educate their Learners on the steps they need to take to enroll in Courses and Curricula in the Absorb Learn mobile app.  

Important Note

Learners can also choose to download the courses and complete the Course offline.  This article discusses the steps of downloading and syncing progress offline.


Step Action  Image
1. Once signed in using the SSO sign in or the username and password option discussed in this article, Learners will be directed to a new page where they will view My Courses and the Catalog. enroll1.png

In the Catalog, Learners will scroll until they see the Course you want to enroll in and select View.

Please note that if the catalog has been set to include courses that are completed, a Learner may see Courses or  Curricula that say 0% to 100% to indicate that they are already enrolled and in progress.

3. The Learner can then click View for the Course or Curricula Details page, which shows the description, chapters, etc. When they confirm that this is the Course or Curricula they want to enroll in, they click Enroll at the bottom of that page.   enroll1.png
4. If the Learner has enrolled in a Curriculum, they will need to select View and then Enroll for the individual Courses they want to complete in the Curriculum. enroll2.png

The Learner can then click Start to begin the Chapters of each Course. 

(The lock here indicates that pace progress is set on and that Learners must complete Chapter 1 before 2 is available.)

The Learner can also choose to download the courses and complete the Course offline.  (This article discusses the steps of downloading courses.)

6. If the Learner leaves and then returns to complete the Course or Curriculum later, they will locate it under My Courses.   enroll.png
7. Learners can click on the Course title and they will be taken to the Course Details page.  They should then display the details for the content they want to view by clicking the arrow to expand the details. This will reveal a Resume button.   review1.png
8. This should click the Resume button to continue working on this Course.   resume.png


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