December 2019 Release Notes


This release is planned for deployment on December 1 at 9am PST/12pm EST/4pm UTC to our North American and EU environments. Our AU and CN environments will be updated on December 2 at 4am AEDT/1am CST.
Please note: Features and functionality listed in these notes may change prior to release. Releases are deployed in sequence across environments with a deployment taking up to two hours. Users may see intermittent maintenance pages during this time.


Learner Experience

Search Analytics Report

When a learner completes a search within the Learner Experience, we will capture some information on the search and what the user does next. This will allow Admins to review what content a learner is searching for and whether they're finding it – based on what they've clicked on, where it was within the search results, etc. A new report has been added to the Admin interface that displays this information.

  • The new report can be found under the Settings area called "Search Analytics".
  • Report Content
    • The report will show a list of all searches that are completed within the learner experience - by unauthenticated and authenticated learners.
    • If the learner happens to select one (or more) items from the search results, we'll track details on what the learner had selected: the ID, name, type and rank of the item in their results.
    • We are not tracking user information as part of this.
  • An admin can view the associated item that was selected in the search results but highlighting a row in the report and selecting the view button.


Read more on this new feature within the Knowledge Base article found here.


Other Features and Bug Fixes

  • Enhancements have been made to the partial word search functionality.
  • An Admin can set the status of an Instructor Led Course to 'Complete' for a given learner when there's an outstanding course upload associated with the course requiring approval.
  • The cache is cleared when the department associated with a route is updated so that the correct department theme is loaded.
  • We 'fall back' to the correct font in IE11 and Edge in cases where a client hasn't customized their own font.
  • Curricula configured with pacing and an optional group (e.g. 0 courses required to complete) will not block progression through the curricula groups when the learner does not enroll in any courses in the optional group.

Learner Mobile App

Absorb Learn mobile app has been generally available since October 29:

The following have been addressed or supported in the mobile app since the October 29 release, and they are targeted for release on December 4, after the December 1 LMS release...

  • Lesson action buttons are now more readily accessible without having to expand a lesson in Course Details.  You can now click on the icon to the left of the lesson title to launch a lesson.


  • Added display of lesson Attempts and quiz Maximum Attempts for SCORM & TinCan lessons that contain assessments.


  • Made mobile menus more distinguishable when using a white Base color for your Learner Experience Theme Branding
  • My Courses now honors the "Hide Completed Courses" Learner Experience Template setting
  • (Android tablet only) LMS URL & Login page now fit properly in a tablet screen
  • (Android tablet only) State of the Download action button is now consistent between Course Details & My Courses/Catalog
  • (Android 7" tablet only) Course Details is now appropriately sized in a split screen with My Courses & Catalog
  • (Android only) My Courses, Catalog, Search & Course Details now use Warning color (from for your Learner Experience Theme Branding) for an auto-enrolled course with a future Access Date
  • (iOS only) Downloaded and progressed Tin Can course now shows Sync option in My Courses or Catalog

Partner Program

New Content Library Integrations

In addition to Absorb's BizLibrary, LinkedIn Learning, and Skillsoft course content integrations, Absorb now offers two new Content Libraries that can be seamlessly added to your Absorb LMS portal:

Skill Pill


Skill Pill offers a micro-learning library that specializes in behavioral soft skills and essential business management & strategy training.  Skill Pill courses are designed for 'on the go', responsive and engaging mobile experiences.

Work with your Account Manager to select from Skill Pill's various offerings, including:

  • 'Management Shortcuts',
  • 'Strategy2Go + Management2Go' series,
  • 'Fast Track' series,
  • 'The Graduate Pack', and
  • 'Digital Transformation Essentials'

You can also choose packages to build your own bundle from Skill Pill's full selection of 340+ courses.



Whil's content is focused on emotional wellbeing, leadership, and overall wellness, offering the largest training library focused on wellbeing and performance.  Employees will learn immediate and repeatable skills to reduce stress for happier and healthier lives.

Work with your Account Manager to select a from any of Whil's collections to meet your employee needs and company budget -- packages include:

  • All twelve (12) Whil collections,
  • Six (6) collection packages for 'Mindfulness & Wellbeing Training' or 'Performance & Relationships Training', or
  • Select any individual Whil collection


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