Introduction to the Search Analytics Report


The Search Analytics report displays a list of searches that have been completed by your users -- from both the public (not logged in, public dashboard) and private (logged in) site. In addition to information on each given search, the report shows information on the item or items that the user selected within the search results page. Please note this report shows searches from the Learner Experience; and we are not currently tracking any information on the users themselves.

 The new report can be found under the Setup area in the left-hand navigation of the Admin site. Access to the report has been initially provided to System Admins. These admins can assign the new permission to other roles within their LMS as they see fit.



The Search Analytics Report can be customized to provide data on the following parameters:

Element Description
Search Term* The term searched by the user.
Date Searched*  The date and time the search was completed by the user.
Result Selected* The name of the item that the user selected within the search results. In cases where multiple search results are clicked on by the user they will appear as subsequent rows in the report.
Result Type* The type of the item clicked on by the user: course, global resource, FAQ, news article or poll.
Result The rank or order of the item the user clicked on in the given search results.
Result ID The ID of the item the user clicked on.  This can be used to filter the appropriate report if you'd wish to review or update it.
Total Results The total results returned to the user for the given search term.
ID The unique ID of the given search.

*Columns shown automatically as part of the default report view.

How the Report can be Used 

This report is helpful to show what information a learner is searching for and whether they're finding it. This information could be used to help you know where to update content based on what users are (or are not) finding: update a course or news article name, add additional tags to courses to make them more searchable, or provide further context in FAQ responses.

  • Search based: filter the report by a search term (e.g. contains or exact match) to see what your users are clicking on based on a specific search term
  • Result based: filter the report by a given item name or ID (Course, Global Resource, News Article, etc.) to see what search terms your users are entering to find that item




When reviewing the Search Analytics Report, there is one action available. There are no mass actions within this report.

Element Description Image 
View Item This button is a link to the given search result selected within the report. When an admin selects a row in the report that contains an selected result (e.g. Course, Global Resource, News Article, etc.), a button to navigate to that given item is shown in the Actions sidebar.

Once selected, the admin will be taken to the associated report with a filter to that specific item. This function will only work if the given admin has access to view the report and content.


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