Permissions: Question Banks



Question Banks have their own set of permissions that be configured.  You can grant access to View and/or Modify Question Banks to your administrators. 

Important Note: Default Access to Question Banks Permissions

Existing Role Permission Automatically Grants New Permission(s)
Online Courses > View selected Question Banks > View selected
Online Courses > Modify selected Question Banks > Modify selected


  • Admins without either of the new permissions will be unable to view the Questions Banks Report or edit Question Banks within an Online Course Assessment. 
  • Admins will be able to see the total number of questions contained within the Assessment.

Permission Breakout

Question Banks Report

The following table displays how Question Bank permission settings will impact interactions with the Question Banks Report and Online Courses > Assessments.

Permission Question Banks Report Online Course Assessments Thumbnail

The administrator can view the Question Banks Report.

The "Use Question Bank" button is available.


The report's right-side action menu is unavailable. 

The "Use Question Bank" button is unavailable. 

Current Question Banks are hidden.

View & Modify The administrator has full permission to view and modify information from the Question Banks Report

The "Use Question Bank" button is available. 

The administrator can edit current Question Banks.

None The administrator is unable to access the Question Banks Report. The administrator is unable to edit or view Question Banks. Permission-None.jpg



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