Overview of the Time Zone Selector

This article is part of the series created to provide details on features available when using the Admin Refresh interface.


To reduce confusion over the times displayed in reports, we have added a Time Zone Selector for Admins. This function is configurable from the User Profile.

Important Note: The following is an Admin Refresh only feature.


We previously had a challenge getting objects and availability rules that were created close enough to midnight (or far enough away from the portal's time) that filtering data did not produce the results expected by an Admin.

What's New

To help, we added a message to the report grid footer to notify the Admin which time zone data is being displayed in.

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To ensure all times in forms are also contextual, we added the same messaging to all date and time fields - displaying what time zone is being used so the report field would have the best accuracy.


In situations where an Admin (in Los Angeles for example) doesn't want to do the math to figure out what an expiration date & time of October 31st at 5:00 PM means to Learners in Dublin, it would be beneficial to change the Time Zone. 

To allow for this, we've added a profile level time zone selector.  You can find the selection drop-down in the right-hand Account menu. The options menu is searchable and allows the Admin to choose from the same 130+ cities across all UTC time zones that are available in the Microsoft Windows settings.



Switching the time zone will immediately convert all report times to their equivalent in the new time zone.
We have allowed an exception for ILC Session Times on the ILC Sessions Report. Those Session Start/End Date times and the associated time-zone column will not change. The grid footer message changes on the ILC Sessions Report informing the Admin that the Sessions and Time Zones appear the same way as they were set up. Each entry retains the UTC time zone.


Note: All report times will change to the selected time zone, except the ILC Session Start and End dates/times.

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