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An Admin Dashboard is a tool available in the Admin Experience to provide LMS Administrators with high-level, at-a-glance visual details relevant to specific admins, such as the number of logins within a month.

Getting Started

Until an Admin Dashboard is configured and applied, System Administrators will be presented with a blank Dashboard canvas, with options to create or assign a Dashboard.  All other Admins will see the default welcome screen.

System Administrators Initial View Initial Admin Dashboard Welcome



Add Admin Dashboard

These instructions begin from the Absorb LMS Admin Experience (AE).


Be mindful that Admins do not have access to modify Admin Dashboard templates, no matter the permission levels applied to the Admin Role.  Only System Administrator accounts have the inherent role permissions required to do so. 

  1. Click the Add Dashboard button from the Admin Interface > Dashboard section. A pop-up window will open.
    • Alternatively, click the Manage Dashboard button and select Add Dashboard from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose a dashboard layout from the pop-up modal by clicking its radio button or icon, then click Next.  The modal will update to Manage Dashboard and present additional configuration options.
    • Note: Each layout icon provides an example of the format.
  5. The Manage Dashboard form contains multiple sections and fields.  Follow these links for details on each section: Add DashboardGeneral, Dashboard Assignment, Dashboard Editors

  6. When you are done configuring the form, click the Save button. 
    • The modal will close, and you will return to the Admin Dashboard.


Form: Add Dashboard 

Choice Details

A Layout is a starting point that can be customized as a part of Widget Configuration.




Form Section: General

Field Details
Status Click the toggle button to change the status setting.
If Active = The Dashboard is visible to assigned administrators.
If Inactive = The Dashboard is not visible to assigned administrators. 
Name Enter the Dashboard's Name.  This a required field.


Form Section: Dashboard Assignment

This dashboard will be available to administrators in selected Groups or Departments.

Field Details
Add Departments Click the Add Departments button.  

This action updates the modal to the Select Department form.  Choose a Department by clicking its checkbox. When you are finished, click the Choose button.  The modal will return to the Manage Dashboard form.

Groups Click this field to open a menu and select Groups.


Form Section: Dashboard Editors

Field Details
Dashboard Editors Click the Add Rules button to identify which Department administrators will manage the Dashboard.
Use the Add Rules button to add conditions to refine results.



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