Admin Refresh: How to Add an Admin Dashboard

This article is part of the series created to provide details on features available when using the Admin Refresh interface.


With the Admin Refresh experience, you can create customized Administrator Dashboards, providing high-level, visualize details relevant to specific admins such as the number of logins, enrollment status, and many other data points.
Once you enable the Admin Refresh experience, you will begin with a blank Dashboard canvas.  System Administrators will have a messaging prompting them to create or assign Dashboards to themselves or other admins.  Until a Dashboard is assigned, all other Admins will see a welcome screen.

Example: Initial System Admin Dashboard Screen

Example: Initial Admin Dashboard Welcome Screen


Important Note

An Admin does not have access to modify the Admin Dashboard templates, no matter the permission levels applied. Only a System Admin account has these permissions within an inherent role.

Instructions: Add a Dashboard

Step Instructions
1. Add Dashboard Beginning from the Admin Interface > Dashboard section, click the Add Dashboard button. A pop-up window will open.

  • Alternately, you can click the Manage Dashboard button and select Add Dashboard from the drop-down menu.
2. Dashboard Layout From the pop-up, choose a dashboard layout by clicking its radio button or icon, then click the Next button.

Note: Each layout icon provides an example of the format.
3. Manage Dashboard The pop-up window will update to Manage Dashboard and present additional configuration options.
4. Dashboard Settings


Setting  Details

Click the toggle button to change the status setting.

  • If Active = The Dashboard is visible to assigned administrators.
  • If Inactive = The Dashboard is not visible to assigned administrators. 
Name Enter the Dashboard's Name.  This is a required field.

Access Rules

Setting  Details
Dashboard Assignment Click the Add Rule button to configure which administrators you want to have visibility to the Dashboard.
Dashboard Editors

Click the Select Department button to identify which Department's administrators will manage the Dashboard.

  • Use the Add Rule button to add conditions to refine results.
5. Save

Click the Save button to save and close.

  • You will return to the Dashboard, which will now display the layout selected.


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