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In the Admin Refresh interface, a new Learning Object is available: Observation Checklist.  With the Observation Checklist feature, a new user type (Reviewer) and user experiences are possible.

Course Administrators create Observation Checklists that contain evaluation criteria that a Reviewer can observe and evaluate to ensure a learner has the required skills and adequately performs the task at hand.

Important Notes

  • If you want learners to earn a Competency upon completion, it will need to exist before you configure the Observation Checklist.

  • Please note that any branding applied to the Learner Interface will also be applied to the Reviewer Interface.

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How to Add an Observation Checklist Learning Object

Observation Checklist Learning Objects are created when either adding or editing an Online Course.  The following instructions begin from the Syllabus Course Settings section of an Online Course build.

Step Instructions
1. Click the Add Learning Object button
  • The button is located in the Outline Chapter 1 section of the Syllabus Course Settings block.
  • This action will open a pop-up window.
Note: You can rename Chapter Names. Chapter "#" is the default naming convention assigned.
2. Select the Observation Checklist Learning Object Type
  • From the Add Learning Object pop-up window, choose the Observation Checklist option by clicking its radio button or icon, then click the Next button.
Observation Checklist Settings

Observation Checklist Learning Object settings are divided into two sections: Details and Checklist.

Setting: Details Details
Name Enter the Observation Checklist's Name.  This is a required field.  The Name is visible in both the Admin and Learner interface.
Description Optional:  Enter a Description. The Description provides details about the Learning Object.  It is visible in both the Admin and Learner interface.
Competency Awarded Optional: Click the Competency Awarded drop-down menu and choose a Competency. Then, if available, set the Level.
Assigned Reviewers

Click the radio button to select an option:

  • If Specific = Click the Reviewer(s) drop-down menu to search for and select individuals you want permitted to review the Learner(s) participating in this Observation Checklist.
  • If Supervisor = The Learner's Supervisor will become the Reviewer for this specific Observation Checklist. Important: The Supervisor(s) will need to have the Reviewer User Type assigned on their User Profile.


Settings: Checklist Details
Manage Steps Click the Manage Steps button to edit and add steps to the checklist. Learn more: Managing Steps in Observation Checklists
Add Section Click the Add Section button to divide steps into separate groups within the same checklist.
Instructions Optional: Add instructions to assist the Reviewer(s) in grading steps.



Click the Save button to save the Learning Object and close the pop-up window.



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