Role Permission Changes


This article provides information on a portion of the Absorb system that has been updated with the Absorb Admin Refresh Experience.  The instructions and guidance in this article are intended for those whose environment has enabled the free Absorb Admin Refresh Experience upgraded. For more information about what is available with this, please check out the Absorb Admin Refresh Checklist!

Role Permission Changes

Admin Refresh Experience


The Admin Refresh has made it easier for you to configure granular Role permissions.  Each administrative area now has a section listing the permission set available for the feature or process.

Previously, Course permissions were configured as View, Modify, and Delete.  The Admin Refresh experience has expanded the Modify permission based on the different tiles or sections that exist on the page.  This setup allows administrators (with the appropriate permissions) to add or remove access to different areas of the Admin Interface.

Please review the attached PDF for full details.



To enable the permission, click on its checkbox.  A checkmark will appear, indicating that the Role grants access to the specified action.

Permissions: Online Courses, Curricula & Course Bundles


  • The "General" permission checkbox must be selected (checked) for the course type permission set to allow the Role to create new Online Courses, Curricula, or Course bundles.

  • When you enable the Admin Refresh experience for your environment, any role (default or custom) that has the "Modify" permission selected will grant all tile or section permissions.

Permission: Instructor-Led Courses (ILC)


  • The "General" permission checkbox must be selected (checked) to allow the Role to create new Instructor-Led Courses.
  • ILC Course and Session permission sets are grouped separately. This now allows admins to establish different levels of access to different Roles.
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