June 2020 #1 Release Notes


This release is planned for deployment on May 31 at 9am PST/12pm EST/4pm UTC to our North American and EU environments. Our AU and CN environments will be updated on June 1 at 4am AEDT/1am CST.
Please note: Features and functionality listed in these notes may change prior to release. Releases are deployed in sequence across environments with a deployment taking up to two hours. Users may see intermittent maintenance pages during this time.


Admin Experience

Administrator Dashboards Add Widget

When modifying a dashboard you can now add additional widgets up to 15 in total. This means you can expand on the layouts already provided to you or, if you delete a widget by mistake you can replace it with a new one.

N.B. Please note the edit function of dashboards is still only available to System Admin. Regular Admins will only have view privileges. 


Admin Refresh

  • Added support for Absorb's Zoom integration including recurring Sessions in the enhanced Session model.
  • Administrators can view and modify Course Evaluation questions in ILCs allowing Learners to provide feedback on the quality of the instruction and content.

Learner Experience

Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures offer the ability for our clients to request that their learners provide sign off to accept that they have met the requirements specified during their course learning path. This helps facilitate industries requiring proof that someone has read and accepted, signed off on or completed specific steps, giving additional legal confidence that the learner is who they say they are.

  • Clients who require their learners provide an electronic signature can configure their client to collect a learner generated PIN on successful login and choose if they would like their learners to sign with username and PIN or username and password.
  • SSO clients should opt for the username and PIN functionality as their learners cannot re-authenticate within the LMS.
  • Choosing how their learners will provide an electronic signature is set at the new Electronic Signature Lesson level, which is configurable by admins.
  • Because of the nature of electronic signatures, our clients also need the ability to prove that they are meeting compliance requirements (such as 21 CFR Part 11), and as such have updated enrollment and activity reports - providing the date and time of the electronic signature.
  • Note: this feature is available in the Admin Refresh only.

Additional documentation on Electronic Signatures can be found here


Search Analytics Report Updates

Our Search Analytics report displays all searches completed within the learner experience, including information on the search result selected. We've added a new column to the report that displays a count of the total results returned unfiltered to the learner - before it's run through course availability rules and other business logic to determine if the item should be shown to the learner.

In cases where learners are seeing 0 search results returned, the unfiltered total could show a different total, meaning the user doesn't have access to see the content they're looking for - which could lead to the Admin adjusting availability rules on the course (or news article, global resource, etc.).

Other Features and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to PDF files stretching on iPads in iOS 13.x.
  • ILC Sessions appear on the correct date in the Catalog and My Courses calendar views based on the Session timezone.
  • Learner-created date and date/time profile fields will display the correct date and time based on the learner's computer or device timezone.
  • When 'Send to Learner' in message templates was disabled learners were still receiving emails.

Reviewer Experience

Assign Supervisors to a Review

As of this release you can now choose to assign a learners supervisor as the reviewer of a checklists. Instead of selecting one or multiple individual reviewers you can now assign the concept of 'Supervisor' and based on the users administrator permissions, and who they are listed as a supervisor of, they will be able to log in to the Reviewer Experience and review those learners.

N.B. The role of Reviewer will still need to be added to these users so they can access the Reviewer Experience.


Add Instructions to a Step 

Some steps that a reviewer has to mark may required more detailed instructions than the step name itself allows. The ability to add instructions to a step and have this be viewable in the reviewer interface has been added. You may want to use this to communicate additional criteria that need to be taken in to account when marking a step. You might use this to show the process (with diagrams) a user has to go through in order to mark the step. Whatever the use case, this is now available for configuration on a per step basis.



Add Reviewer Comments to Steps

You can currently add overall comments to a review but now you can also add step comments. This is to give the Reviewer the ability to make more fine grained analysis and feedback on a given step. The typical options are administrator set e.g. Yes or No, 1 through 5 and even though the Observation step type is 'freeform' text entry it is expected it would be use to record a precise response to the question the step is asking. 'Comments' allow the Reviewer to add in additional relevant information that they think will help understand what a step was grade a certain way. This is in addition to any overall comments they want to make.


View Learner Activity for Checklists

The Observation Checklist report has now been enhanced to include an Observation Checklist Activity report. In the former you can view a summary count of the status of learners enrolled in a checklist in the latter you can view the specific learners for a given checklist. This is the next level of detail needed to expose the Observation Checklist data to Administrators for reporting purposes. 



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