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Messages Course Settings are available for all Course types. The table below shows which messages are available per Course type:

Message Online Course Instructor-Led Course Course Bundle Curriculum
Send enrollment email + + + + 
Send completion email + + - + 
Send nudge email + - - + 
Send failure email + + -  -
Send session update email - + -
Send session approval  request email - + -
Send session reminder email - + -
Send instructor notification email - + -
Send mark attendance reminder email - + - -



Send Email Notification

Click the toggle button to change the status setting.  The default state is ON.

  • If ON = Email notifications are enabled for the Course.
  • If OFF = Email notifications are disabled for the Course.  


All Other Email Notifications

Click the checkbox to change the status setting.  

  • If Checked = Email notification is enabled.
  • If Not Checked = Email notification is disabled


Use Custom Template

Some email notifications offer an additional setting: Use Custom Template.

Click the Use Custom Template toggle button to change the status setting:

  • If ON = Click the Edit Template button to modify the default message template.
  • If OFF = The default email will be sent to Learners.



Example: Online Courses Message Settings



Example: Curriculum Messages Settings




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