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A Venue is a location (physical or virtual), where an Instructor-Led Course (ILC) Session takes place. A Venue is not required in an ILC Session but is a core field in communicating where your live training will be held. The Venue displays as the Location on the Session Details when a user is enrolling or has enrolled into the Session. The Venue can also be included in the Enrollment Email and the Session Enrollment Email.  

There are two ways to create a venue when using the Absorb Admin Refresh experience:

  • From the Venues Report
  • From the ILC Session modal

How to Add a Venue

Instructions: How to Add a Venue from the Venues Report

Follow these instructions to add a new Venue from the Venues Report page.


Step 1

Navigate to the Venues Report page by clicking the Courses button from the Admin Menu and choosing Venues from the sub-menu.  You will be routed to the Venues Report page.

Step 2

From the Venues Report page, click the Add Venue button from the right-hand context menu.  You will be routed to the Add Venue form.

Step 3

The Add Venue form is where you will configure the Venue settings fields. 

Note: Not all fields listed below will be available for each Venue Type.

  • Name: Enter the Venue's Name.  The Name identifies the Venue to Learners and Admins.
    • This is visible in both the Admin and Learner experiences.

  • Description: Enter a description to provide details of the Venue in this field.  
    • This is visible in the Admin experience only.

  • Max Class Size: Enter a number to set the maximum class capacity for the facility. 
    • This is a required field.
    • The Max Class Size will be the default value when creating an ILC Session but can be adjusted on the ILC Session if needed. 

  • Type: Click the Type drop-down menu to select the Venue Type. This identifies the Type as either being a virtual or physical space.
    • Classroom: A physical location.
    • Virtual vendor-specific selections
  • Department:   Click the Select Department button to search and find the Department the Venue belongs to.
    • Adding a Department will restrict the Venue to the Admin(s) who manage the identified Department(s).  Administrators of other Departments will not see the Venue as an option when selecting locations for ILC Sessions.
Venue Type Details Address Country Province City Postal Code Phone Number URL Username Password
Classroom  + + + + + - - - -
ConnectPro - - - - - + + + +
GoToMeeting - - - - - + + - -
WebEx - - - - - + + - -
URL - - - - - + + - -


Step 4

Click the Save button to save the new Venue and close the form.  You will return to the Venues Report page.

Instructions: How to Add a Venue from the ILC Session Modal 

Follow these instructions to add a new Venue from the Instructor-Led Course > Session Modal.


Step 1

Beginning from your Instructor-Led Course (ILC), navigate to the Session > Add Session setting section.  Click the Add Session button.  This action will open the Add Session pop-up modal.

Step 2

Click the Add Venue button located in the Add Session > Details section of the modal.  This action will update the modal to the Add Venue form.


Step 3

Configure the Add Venue fields as described in the previous instructions.  When you are finished, click the OK button.

  • The modal will return to the Add Session form settings.   
    • When you have completed configuring the Session settings, click the Save button. 
      • This will save the new Venue and the Session settings.

Step 4

Click Publish to save and close the ILC.  You will return to the Courses Report page.

Example-ILC-Add-Venue (1).gif


Roles & Permissions

Please note that your environment may use customized Role(s), Permissions, or a combination of both to regulate access to this report.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your local System Administrator to review your current permission set. 

Required Role Permissions

Role: Section Access Permission(s) Needed
Courses > Venues View or Modify permission
Courses > Sessions Add or Modify permission

Suggested Role Permissions

Role: Section Access Permission(s) Needed
Courses > Instructor-Led Courses View or Modify permission


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