Admin Refresh: How to Add a Tag



A Tag is a term or keyword you can attach to items, such as Courses, to build associations between pieces of information.  

Tag values are used to filter tables, report results,  and other lists within the LMS. You can also apply tags to Global Resources and Billboards.


Step Instructions
1. Navigation

To begin, click the Courses button on the Admin Interface navigation menu.

  • This action opens a sub-menu of report pages related to Courses.
  • From this menu, select Tags.  You will be routed to the Tags Report page.
2. Add Tag

Click the Add Tag button on the Tags Report page.

  • This action will direct you to the Add Tag form.
3. Name

Enter the Tag's Name. For example, "Billing."

  • This field and its information are visible to Learners.
  • This is a required field.
4. Save

Click the Save button to save and close.  You will return to the Tags Report page.

After saving, the new entry will become an option when applying Tags.


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