August 2020 Release Notes


This release is planned for deployment on August 23 at 9am PST/12pm EST to our North American environments and August 24 at 9:30 pm UTC for EU environments. Our AU and CN environments will be updated on August 25 at 2am AEST/11am CDT.
Please note: Features and functionality listed in these notes may change prior to release. Releases are deployed in sequence across environments with a deployment taking up to two hours. Users may see intermittent maintenance pages during this time.


Admin Experience

Admin Refresh

  • Popular time-saving duplication features have been added:
    • Instructor Led Course Sessions can be duplicated
      • Venue scheduling conflicts are reported in the Create/Edit Session window
      • Instructor scheduling conflicts are reported in the Create/Edit Session window
    • Instructor Led Courses can be duplicated (to be enabled August 27th)
    • Online Courses can be duplicated (to be enabled August 27th)
    • Curricula can be duplicated (to be enabled August 27th)
    • Course Bundles can be duplicated (to be enabled August 27th)
  • Existing files like Course images and Badges can be replaced
  • Certificate uploads
  • E-Commerce extensions can be added to online courses and curricula.

Administrator Dashboards

  • System Admin landing page updated to provide more 'first time use' guidance as to areas of the Admin Experience to check out first.

Observation Checklists

  • Helpful text updates through Observation Checklist creation process to assist admins with understanding of step types and other options.
  • Sales Portal creation tool updates to ensure Observation Checklist data copies over accurately and completely.

Learner Experience

Absorb Pinpoint

Microlearning has been identified as an effective technique for teaching or reinforcing ideas, particularly for learners with limited time available for training. Microlearning also helps facilitate just-in-time training needs, for instance watching a 5-minute refresher on a new product before entering a sales call. Despite its proven effectiveness, microlearning adoption is relatively low and courses that do exist are primarily from 3rd party vendors.

Our goal for this feature is to provide short video learning opportunities to clients without requiring them to break up long videos. Note this feature is available in the Admin Refresh only.

Feature Overview

  • Video Transcription: videos added to the LMS will be transcribed creating a subtitle file.
  • Edit a Transcription: admins can edit the transcription if words or phrases aren't necessarily transcribed correctly. This may occur in cases where there's significant background noise in the video.
  • Updated Search Results: when learners search for a term we now return video lessons when the search term(s) match content within the transcription file associated with the video.
  • Launch Video from Search: selecting one of the video results will open the video lesson to the first mention of the search term. Learners can then navigate through the video to the different mentions of the search term to find the content relevant to them.
  • Providing Feedback on Search Results: learners are given the opportunity to provide feedback on the video transcription and search. They can can say whether the information we provided them was helpful or not, and we'll use this information to adjust the priority of the search result based on how helpful (or not helpful) it was for the given search term.



  • Automatically transcribe video content to provide subtitles for those that are hard of hearing or in loud or busy locations that cannot rely on the audio in a video.
  • Reduce administrative time required in the LMS to:
    • break up larger video content in to smaller videos.
    • spend time adding descriptions, tags and other information on the course as the video transcription is searchable.
  • Improve the 'findability' of content buried in a long video; providing access to the specific content a learner is interested in.
  • Improve the quality of the content returned based on feedback provided by learners on search usefulness.

More details on the feature can be found in a knowledge base article here or on our website here.

Other Features and Bug Fixes

  • Transcript columns resize to match the width of longer custom titles.
  • Updates to the "Hide Courses Outside Curricula" whereby if a course enrollment is associated with a curricula, then the course should be hidden from the catalog (regardless of the self-enrollment rules) if:
    • the client is configured to hide courses outside of the curricula
    • the catalog is configured to show enrolled courses
  • E-Commerce "Users must be logged in to access shopping cart" (set to ON) updates:
    • When attempting to navigate to the catalog or shopping cart they will be redirected to login. It is recommended to clients not to include dashboard tiles or menu items to the catalog within their public dashboard as the user will be directed to login in all cases.
    • If a learner completes a search unauthenticated, courses will no longer be returned
  • We have fixed an issue related to the curricula course poster and description being inadvertently hidden when the 'Syllabus' pre-enrollment view was checked.
  • We have fixed an issue related to single news article images showing an incorrect aspect ration within the dashboard. These images now remain a square, matching the 310px by 310px image within the new article creation page.
  • Users who do not match any billboard availability rules will no longer see the billboard navigation arrows.


Reviewer Experience

  • WCAG compliance updates to ensure complete conformance to WCAG AA standard.

Partner Program

ADP Features and Bug Fixes

Automatically inactivate synced users

Setup your integration to automatically inactivate your LMS users based on a defined set of rules.  For example, you may want to inactivate LMS users when these individuals 'Status' in ADP is updated to 'Terminated', 'Inactive', 'On Leave', etc.:

In order to be automatically inactivated, the user must be included in the sync rules.  We recommend syncing all your users (i.e. 'Sync all users' toggle) and allowing the sync to automatically manage the users' statuses.  

Refer to the ADP Configuration and Setup guide for more information about this feature.

New & updated ADP profile fields

We've updated field lists in ADP to provide more options for data synced from ADP.  All fields that were previously supported are still available, though many fields' labels have changed to better reflect how these fields are described in your ADP Workforce Now or ADP Vantage HCM interfaces.  A full list of supported fields are available on the respective app listings in the ADP marketplace. 

Other Features and Bug Fixes

Security fix for ADP, BambooHR, and Namely Integrations

The integration settings for these HRIS integrations require a System Admin to authorize the integration and decide which users are synced from the HRIS system and who should get various levels of admin access in Absorb.  In order to limit the risk of individuals in your Absorb portal changing these settings to elevate their own access beyond their current user management permissions, we've restricted the ability to edit these settings to System Administrator's in Absorb who can manage all users.  



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