Admin Refresh: An Introduction to Learning Objects



Learning Objects are the elements of an Online Course that contain the training content, such as e-learning modules, videos, external links, etc.  You configure Learning Objects within the Syllabus Course Setting block when building or editing Online Courses.

The Absorb LMS Admin Refresh experience introduces two new Learning Object types to help you better organize, evaluate, and confirm training comprehension.


Absorb LMS Admin Refresh: Learning Object Types


Learning Object Type Details
Object Option to upload document files (PDF, images, etc.) or add a URL to an external website.
Example: Upload a copy of a training handout or link to your organization's Employee Handbook.  Learn more here.
Video Option to upload a video file or link to an external video source (Youtube).  Learn more here.
Task Create instructions for Learners to follow and complete an objective outside of the system. Example: Direct a Learner to take a tour of the office. Learn more here.
Assessment Build an exam in Absorb LMS to evaluate Learner comprehension of training content. Learn more about Assessment questions and options here.
Survey Build a survey in Absorb LMS to collect responses from Learners.  Example: Post-training survey.  Learn more here.
SCORM 1.2 Import a SCORM 1.2 e-learning module zip file. Learn more here.
SCORM 2004 Import a SCORM 2004 e-learning module zip file.  Learn more here.
Tin Can (xAPI) Import a Tin Can/xAPI e-learning module zip file. Learn more here.
AICC Import an AICC e-learning module zip file.  Learn more here.
Observation Checklist Build an Observation Checklist for a Reviewer to evaluate a Learner's performance. Learn more here.
E-Signature Build an electronic signature agreement for Learners to acknowledge training requirements.  Learn more here.



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