How to Enable Absorb Pinpoint on Video Lessons



Absorb Pinpoint uses machine learning to create transcripts and add subtitles to Video Lessons. Learn more about Absorb Pinpoint here.

This article provides you with instructions on the settings available within Video Lessons to have a transcript created, subtitles added, or both.


Video Lesson transcription and subtitle generation are only compatible with video files that are uploaded directly to the LMS.



The following instructions begin after you have added your video source on the Video Lesson pop-up window.

Online Course > Add Learning Object > Video > Add Video Lesson/Edit Video Lesson


Setting Details
Transcribe Video

Click the toggle button to change the status setting.

If... Then...
ON The video lesson audio will be transcribed into text that is used to enhance search results.

: Transcription will begin once the Video Lesson is saved. Processing time will vary depending on the size of the video file and may take several hours to complete.

After you have saved the lesson, the processing status is displayed here. The generated text will be in English.

Transcription used as an English subtitle

Click the checkbox to change the status setting.

If... Then...
Checked The transcribed text will be used as English subtitles in the video.
Not Checked N/A

: Enabling this choice (checked), does not impact the search or indexing of the transcription.


If you need to add subtitles in a language other than English, use this upload tool to import a .vtt file.


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