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Combine automatic Enrollment Rules with the Allow Re-Enrollment function to create a recurring schedule for Learners to complete training. You can configure re-enrollment cycles to renew annually or at other regular intervals.

Important Note

  • The Course must have Enable Automatic Enrollment enabled.  Click here for instructions.

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Instructions: How to Configure Automatic Course Re-Enrollment

Remember, the Course must have the Enable Automatic Enrollment setting enabled.

Step Instructions
1. Allow Re-Enrollment

Beginning from the Completion Course Settings section of a Course, click the Allow Re-Enrollment toggle button to change the status to ON.

  • This action opens a sub-section of re-enrollment options.
2. Choose when a Learner can re-enroll

Click the radio button to choose an option.

If... Then...
Time after Completion

The Learner will automatically be re-enrolled in the Course once the set length of time has passed.

Example: Configuring "1 Year" would have the Learner automatically re-enrolled in the Course one (1) year from their completion date. 

*This automatic function will only work if Enable Automatic Enrollment is enabled.

Time before Certificate expires

The Learner will automatically be re-enrolled in the Course once they enter the expiration period set for the Certificate.

Example: If a Certificate expires two (2) years after completion, and the Learner will automatically be re-enrolled in the Course per the Time before Certificate expires > Duration.  

 3. Re-enroll Automatically

Click the toggle button and change the state to ON.

Note: This option cannot be used with E-Commerce.


Examples of Completion Course Settings

Time after Completion


Time Before Certificate Expires


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