Meet the All-New Absorb LMS Admin Interface



Absorb LMS Admin Experience: Refreshed

We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest Absorb LMS Admin Experience, commonly referred to as Admin Refresh. Our refreshed Admin interface brings you the best of Absorb LMS. This free upgrade is about more than just aesthetics—it gives your administrators access to improved functionality and game-changing features. You'll enjoy other perks including a fresh design, smoother user experience and a significant boost in overall power.  

Your upgrade is packed with benefits for LMS administrators including:

  • Now improved to be more comprehensive and compatible with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • Single-page course creation
  • Recurrence and scheduling improvements
  • Faster report loading
  • Better multi-select
  • Increased data grid density
  • Better navigation
  • Interface design improvements
  • Multi-credit options
  • Collaborations
  • Ability to pause, save partial work, and come back to it before publishing a substantial change

Upgrading, you’ll have access to all our newest features that can only be experienced on our refreshed Admin interface. Here are a few of the latest:

Administrator Dashboards: Customize dashboards so the training data and analytics you need are on display the moment you log on. With drag and drop functionality, these dashboards are as straightforward as they are impactful.
Role Permission Changes: It’s now easier for you to configure granular Role Permissions with each administrative area having a section, listing the permission set available for the feature or process.
Observation Checklists: Streamline the process of verifying that employees have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to get the job done – and track it all automatically to ensure your records are always accurate and up to date.
E-Signatures: Demonstrate a commitment to meeting regulations and following industry protocols by enabling learners to sign off that they meet important requirements.
Absorb Pinpoint: Use machine learning and natural language processing to automatically transcribe and timestamp video lessons, creating searchable video content that brings learners to the exact information they need.
Intelligent Assist: A new suite of artificial intelligence tools featuring a combination of machine learning, natural language recognition, automation, and optimization algorithms; capabilities that enrich and simplify the learner experience while also increasing the management efficiencies of LMS administrators.
Course Settings: The redesign now includes a quick navigation bar (see below) that allows you to access different areas within the course editor. The specific Course Settings are listed below:


  • General: Change your course status, title, description and default language.
  • Syllabus: Customize your content by adding completion order, terms & conditions, mobile compatibility, and proctoring.
  • Enrollment Rules: Establish who has permission to see the training and how they can enroll.
  • Completion: Set course certificates, competencies, credits, leaderboard points, failure, and post enrollment settings.
  • Availability: Schedule access date, due date, expiration date, pre-requisite rules, and make content available offline.
  • Catalog Visibility: Customize category, mobile app, add course images, posters and other visibility options including making a course mandatory, featured, or have similar courses recommended in the course catalog.
  • Course Administrators: Set individual, or department administrators as administrators of this course.
  • Messages: Manage and customize the notifications that will be received for this course.
  • Resources: Add files and notes that will be available to learners enrolled in this course.
  • Course Uploads: Provide instructions for course uploads, shared between default and certificate uploads.
  • Attributes: Enable course rating and evaluation, add an audience, vendor, goals, external ID, time estimates or costs.
  • Social: Enable the comments section and add a collaboration.
  • More: Add notes available only to other Course administrators.

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