September 2020 Release Notes


This release is planned for deployment on September 20th at 9am PST/12pm EST to our North American environments and September 21st at 9:30 pm UTC for EU environments. Our AU and CN environments will be updated on September 21st at 2am AEST/11am CDT.
Please note: Features and functionality listed in these notes may change prior to release. Releases are deployed in sequence across environments with a deployment taking up to two hours. Users may see intermittent maintenance pages during this time.


Admin Experience

Admin Refresh

  • Support for User custom fields has been added to the Curricula Activity Report
  • We've improved the performance of the Department list used for enrollments and rule builders
  • Course duplication is now supported for:
    • Online Courses
    • Instructor Led Courses (ILCs)
      • ILC Sessions can be duplicated independently
    • Course Bundles
    • Curricula
  • ... and we've added convenience links to all the Course Edit forms so duplication is available when you need it.

Learner Experience

Other Features and Bug Fixes

  • Admins can now view social profiles on a Leaderboard of a learner that is not in a department or group they manage
  • Notification is now added to a learner's Absorb messages for a reply to course comment in addition to an email being sent
  • Expanded e-signature lessons to accept credentials even when the lesson is In Progress

Learner Mobile App

Note: The following Learner Mobile App specific items are targeted for release on September 23 and not part of the release on September 20.

Task while Online

Added support for playing Task lessons while online only.  Here is a Task lesson that allows a learner to notify an admin/supervisor of readiness for a safety task to be completed outside the LMS...

Tasks1.jpg Tasks2.jpg Tasks3.jpg

Generic/Grey Label

Apps are now generically named and can be found by searching for "Learn Mobile" in the App & PlayStore.  The generic name and a generic icon, rather than the Absorb logo, will now be used for the apps installed on mobile devices...


Other Features and Fixes

  • Added support for Youtube/Vimeo Video & Object lessons as well as external website Object lessons while online.  That is, an admin can now save a course with these lessons for online use only by a learner.
  • Replaced message on Catalog/MyCourses to indicate "Loading" courses is in progress
  • Fixed issue with app not connecting if one of the LMS portal available languages is not the one set by the learner on the mobile device.  In this case, the mobile app language will be the default language for the LMS portal.

Partner Program

ADP Features & Bug Fixes

Additional Single Sign-On Options

When subscribing to the "Absorb Connectors" in the ADP marketplace, clients using ADP have the option to Single Sign-On (SSO) into Absorb using their ADP credentials from their marketplace "My Apps" page.

We now provide additional options that administrators can leverage to use their ADP credentials for SSOing into Absorb:

  • SSO Link: Use your unique Absorb SSO link to allow your users to navigate to Absorb and login with their ADP credentials.  For example, this link could be added to your ADP dashboard, or to Absorb public menus for learners who navigate to Absorb and are not yet authenticated.
  • Choose an alternate route: by default, ADP SSO will log your learners into your primary Absorb route.  If you have alternate routes setup -- for instance, different routes for your customers and for your employees to login to Absorb -- you can choose an alternate route for your employees to be logged into when using their ADP credentials to login.
  • Automatically redirect: you can choose to force your Absorb users to leverage their ADP credentials to login by automatically redirecting them to sign in with ADP when they navigate to the selected Absorb route.  This is recommended in the case all learners accessing that route have ADP accounts.  

Changes to Marketplace User Assignment

Previously, assigning the "Absorb Connector" app to a marketplace user would only succeed if that user was synced to Absorb from ADP.  This has created some complexity managing assignments and attempting to assign the app to all your ADP marketplace users, especially if only some of your employees are being synced to Absorb from ADP.

With this release, all user assignments to the app will succeed, so that anyone who needs to see the "Absorb Connector" in "My Apps" can do so.  In the case their user has been synced from ADP to Absorb using the integration, they will also be able to automatically SSO into Absorb from the ADP marketplace. 





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