October 2020 Release Notes



Admin Experience

We have continued to make progress this release with updates to our new Admin Interface (commonly called 'Admin Refresh' in our documentation). In this and coming releases you will continue to see us improving on this feature set and bringing more and more features over. The highlights from this month are as follows:


My Course Enrollment Activity Widget - First Iteration

We have started on our path to bring back the My Activity widget to your administrator Dashboards. We have a first iteration of this widget available for you to add to your dashboards and will continue to build out this feature. The iteration available in this release will show the logged in Admin the course enrollment activities they have undertaken in order of most recent to oldest date.


New and Improved WYSIWYG editor (Rich Text editor)

We have replaced the old WYSIWYG editor. For those of you that don't know what a WYSIWYG editor is, it's the feature above a description field, or in message templates which lets you edit text and make it bold, or underlined, or add an image, or add HTML. With this release we have fixed some bugs in our old editor and have added a couple of new features like tables, and the ability to 'undo' changes you've made. There is more to it than this though so take a look through and let us know what you think of the improvements.


Improved 'View History' of edits to Users

With this release we have improved the amount of fields we report on in our 'view history' modal at the user level to give an administrator more visibility in to the edits they have made.


Assessment Questions: Correctly Answered Question Notification

We are now providing feedback to the learner in the form of a notification 'Correct Reply' or 'Incorrect Reply' based on if the learner answered a question correctly.


Administrator Configuration of Multi-Credits

An administrator can now set up courses to have different credit values awarded upon completion for each of the yearly and state/provincial credit types.  Furthermore, the credits awarded per type could be different based on state/province in which the learner is seeking accreditation. 


Learner Experience

Multi-Credits Updates

We have made a small change to our multi-credit functionality in the learner experience. Multi-credits can now be awarded to the learner upon completion of an online course, curriculum, and ILC and are now also visible in the Course Details and Learner Transcript.


Course Recommendations Ribbon

Admins can now add a 'Trending Courses' ribbon to their learner dashboard to highlight courses that are currently trending in the LMS. They can also add a 'Recommended Courses' ribbon to recommend courses to the learner based on recent completions. 


Tag Suggestions for Courses

Using our Machine Learning functionality (Absorb Pinpoint) the LMS will now suggest appropriate tags for that course (up to 5).


Partner Program

ADP Workforce Now two-way sync: competencies/skills

For our clients that use ADP Workforce Now®, the 'Absorb Connector' allows you to optionally add competencies earned in Absorb back to your employees' Talent Profile in ADP.  You can:

  • Map some or all of your existing Absorb competencies to add achievements in ADP in those specified competency areas 
  • Bulk create new competency types in Absorb based off your ADP skill types
  • Awarded competencies are automatically added, updated, and removed from your workers' ADP talent profile 'Skills' section when managed in Absorb
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