How to Configure Course Certificates


This article provides information on a portion of the Absorb system that has been updated with the Absorb Admin Refresh Experience.  The instructions and guidance in this article are intended for those whose environment has enabled the free Absorb Admin Refresh Experience upgraded. For more information about what is available with this, please check out the Absorb Admin Refresh Checklist!


This article includes instructions on how to configure a Certificate within a Course.  Instructions begin from the Completion Course Setting block of the Course build form.

How to Configure Course Certificates

These instructions begin from the Completion Course Setting block of the Course build form.

Step Instructions

Click the Certificate toggle button to change its status to ON.

  • This action will expand the block and provide configure options for the Certificate.

Certificate Settings

Setting Details
Certificate Source

Click the radio button to select an option:

  • If File = Click the Choose File button to upload new content. 
  • If URL = Enter the URL address of external content.

Note: If the URL option is selected and left blank, the default Certificate will be used.

Use Custom Title

Click the toggle button to change the status setting:

  • If ON = The Title field will appear.  Enter the custom title of the Certificate here.
  • If OFF = N/A
Notes A place to add optional notes about the Certificate.

Click the radio button to select an option:

  • No Expiry = The Certificate will not expire.
  • Time from Completion = The Certificate will expire within the established time period.  When selected, options to configure the time period become available.
  • Date = The Certificate will expire on a specific date.  When selected, a calendar tool becomes available to use to identify the date and time.
Certificate Upload

Click the Certificate Upload button to expand this section.

  • Click the Edit Upload Instructions button to open a pop-up window.  From there you can provide instructions that are visible to Learners on how to upload content.  These instructions are shared between the default and certificate uploads for the Course.
    • Label = Enter an identifying label of the content you want to be uploaded by the Learner. Example: "Drivers License"
    • Approval = Click the radio button of the User type that is responsible for approving the submitted upload.

Continue adjusting settings as needed for the Course.



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