November 2020 Release Notes



Admin Experience

My Course Enrollment Activity Widget

The My Course Enrollment Activity Widget has now been updated to include drilldowns to the course enrollments or user enrollments report. This allows you to navigate all the way through to the enrollment you are looking at straight from the dashboard.


Learner Experience

Updated Rich-Text Editor

A new 'rich text' editor has been added to give more flexibility to the content you can configure in Templates, Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, and Footers. You can now add tables, undo changes, and have much more flexibility to style text and content.


Surveys Release in the Mobile App

Support has been added for Surveys in our Mobile App. This includes using content offline. Sorting options have also been added to 'My Courses' and 'My Catalog' in the mobile app.


Reviewer Experience

Look and Feel Updates

This month we took another look at our Reviewer Interface and made some small improvements to workflow and appearance as follows:

  • When viewing the Reviewer interface on a desktop the amount of white space has been reduced and the selectable areas are now no longer stretched as wide as your screen. This provides a better user experience when using the interface on a desktop. Since this was something we designed mobile first, this element was initially overlooked but we agreed with your feedback and have updated this item.
  • An additional 'status' has been added to the status bar at the top of the Reviewer Interface. You can now toggle between three statuses, 'Not Ready', 'Ready for Review', and 'In Progress'. This makes navigation for the user easier as they can quickly jump to a pre-filtered list of users enrolled in checklists based on the action they know they are going to take.
  • When navigating through steps in the detail view of an in-progress checklist when you reach the last step in the last section, you are not prompted to 'Return to Review' and it takes you back to the main checklist overview whereas previously it was just 'the end'. This completes the workflow and makes navigation through the interface easier for the Reviewer.
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