February 2021 Release Notes


This release is planned for deployment on February 21 at 9am PST/12pm EST/5pm UTC to our North American and February 22, 2021, at 10:30 PM UTC for EU environments. Our AU and CN environments will be updated on February 23 at 4am AEDT/1am HKT.
Please note: Features and functionality listed in these notes may change prior to release. Releases are deployed in sequence across environments with a deployment taking up to two hours. Users may see intermittent maintenance pages during this time.


Learner Experience

We’ve made some improvements  to to our Learner Experience that allow administrators finer control over a learner's journey. Admins can now disable or enable course recommendations shown after course completion.  


Additionally, we have improved the importing & processing of xAPI lessons (including lessons made through Create LI) for matching, multiple answer, and sequencing question types so that the learner's  answers now appear in the admin's Answers report.  Now, the Answered column indicates the  answer chosen by the learner. 


Admin Experience (Admin Refresh Only)

We have improved our Assessments functionalityso that Assessments with a weight of 0 will report on the learner's transcript but will not affect the Course score. This allows an administrator to use assessments to gauge a learner's comprehension without affecting the final course score; think of it like a learning check point. 


We have also made some improvements to our Observation Checklists feature. Based on client feedback, you can now view overall comments on a passed or failed checklist directly from the Observation Checklist Activity report. This avoids the need to open the whole Checklist Summary to see why a checklist was passed or failed. 


Additionally, Reviewers can now be assigned to an Observation Checklists by 'Group'. This has been a popular request from our clients - and it is a quick way to assign 'all users of type reviewer' to a checklist if you don't need the additional granularity of 'Supervisor' or 'Specific'.  


Reviewer Experience (Admin Refresh Only)

We’ve made a couple  small tweaks  to improve the Reviewer Experience in Admin Refresh. One  is to automatically expand instructions on a step if there are any. This highlights  any relevant information to the reviewer that the course admin wants them to have. After it’s been seen it  can  be closed until needed again. 


To help with learner identification, a Reviewer will also now be able to see the job title of the learner they’re reviewing.


Mobile Application

We have made some valuable improvements to our mobile application this release.  


Support has now been added for AICC courses when a user is online, and course ratings are now visible on the course listing and description pages. This feature addition allows learners to see how their peers have reviewed courses they may be interested in.   


We have also added hyperlinks in the course descriptions .These links will now open up in the mobile devices default browser. 


Rest API v1 (Paid Add-On)

The marking of ILC attendance can now be automated through the Rest V1 API.

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