Multi-Seat Purchases

E-Commerce is not automatically available in the LMS. If your organization is interested in using the E-Commerce functionality, please contact your Account Manager.


Our E-Commerce service allows you to configure Multi-Seat Purchases options for transactions.

When enabled, the Multi-Seat Purchase option allows users to purchase training on behalf of other users.  Multi-Seat Purchases generate unique codes, called Enrollment Keys, that purchasers will distribute to their learners.

A learner will use their Enrollment Key to access the purchased content in an Absorb LMS portal.  New users will be prompted to create an account for the portal before they can access the content.

Use Case

A manager leads a team of 10 employees who need to be certified Food Safety Handlers.

The manager finds an online Food Safety Handler program to train and certify the team. During the checkout process, the manager is prompted to enter a quantity (10).

When the purchase is complete, the manager will receive 10 Enrollment Keys to distribute to the team. Each individual employee will use their Enrollment Key to access the content within the Absorb LMS portal.

Multi-Seat Purchases for ILCs

  • If you bulk purchase seats for an Instructor-Led Course (ILC) to distribute, encourage the recipients to use the Enrollment Key immediately. Available seating for the ILC session will update when Enrollment Keys are redeemed; this may result in the class maximum exceeding its limit to accommodate all seats/Enrollment Keys sold.
  • If you plan to purchase different seat amounts across multiple classes, do this in separate transactions. Otherwise, the LMS will automatically raise the seat amount to the highest number in the cart and apply that seat count to all classes selected.

How to Configure Multi-Seats

E-Commerce will need to be enabled in order to configure your LMS to allow Multi-Seat purchasing. If E-Commerce is not enabled, please contact Absorb Support. 

Please follow the below steps in order to setup Multi-Seat Purchases:

Step 1: Navigate to the Portal Settings by clicking the silhouette icon from the top right-hand side of the Admin portal. Choose Portal Settings from the sub-menu.  You will be routed to the Info page.

Step 2: From the action menu on the right-hand side of the Portal Setting page, select Manage E-Commerce Settings. You will be routed to the Settings page. 

Step 3: Scroll down to Multi-seat Purchases and toggle it to On.

  • The Admin will then be presented with an option to turn on Multiple Key Generation. Turning this option to ON, generate an individual Enrollment Key for each seat purchased. This means each Enrollment Key is unique and can only be used once.

If this option is toggled off, the Purchaser will only receive one Enrollment Key for each Course, which can be used for as many seats purchased. I.E. a User purchases two seats in four courses, there will be a total of four Enrollment Keys provided after checkout is complete.

Purchasing Details

Individual Purchase

  • All purchases default to the quantity of one (1).
    • Unless you purchase training on behalf of other users, this value does not need to be adjusted.
  • Purchases of a single quantity list item (like a Course) will automatically enroll the purchaser into the training following the transaction process and email a receipt and enrollment confirmation.

Note: An Enrollment Email must be enabled at the course level for a message to be sent upon enrollment. If the Message Template is enabled with the Send to Administrator and/or the Send to Supervisor options enabled, the email will be sent to the Supervisor listed on the User's account and/or the Administrators of the User's Department.

Multi-Seat Purchases

  • Multi-Seat Purchases are made when the purchaser changes the quantity to a value greater than one (1).
    • Once the new quantity value is entered, the purchaser needs to click the Refresh button mceclip0.pngto update the cart. Failing to do so will result in the quantity being reset to the default value of one (1).
  • When the transaction is completed, the purchased will receive an email containing the Enrollment Keys to distribute to their learners.
    • Enrollment Key information will be displayed on the checkout page.
      • Tip: Use the Enrollment Key email. This will send an email to the purchaser for each individual Enrollment Key. The Admin can then forward the individual Enrollment Key emails to their selected users.

Note: The purchaser will not be enrolled in the training if Multi-Seats are used, nor will the purchaser receive any enrollment emails. 

  • Those who receive an Enrollment Key will enter its information into the Enrollment Key tile on the Public or Private dashboard.
    • If the user is logged in, they will be taken to the course where they can begin taking the training.
    • If they are not logged in, the user will be prompted to log in or create an account. The Admin can configure what User fields the new user will be required to populate in the Portal Settings > User Profile.
      • The Department field for the User will be either pulled from the Default department field in E-Commerce Settings > Settings or from the Purchaser's Department.
      • If the Purchaser is an Admin within the LMS, their Department will be applied to the Enrollment Keys and will automatically put any new users who use the Enrollment Key will be placed into the Purchaser's Department. 

Once the User enrolls into the Course(s) using the Enrollment Key, they will receive appropriate Enrollment notification, as long as one is attached to the setup of the course(s). 

Roles & Permissions

System Admins are the only Admins who can adjust settings within the Portal Settings. Once the Multi-Seat Purchases option has been enabled, all other Admins will need the following permissions in order to configure the E-Commerce rules. 

Required Role Permissions

Keep in mind that you may need to adjust Course level Course Administrator permissions.

Role: Section Access Permission(s) Needed
Courses > Curriculum View or Modify permission
Courses > Instructor-Led Courses View or Modify permission
Courses > Course Bundles View or Modify permission
Courses > Online Courses View or Modify permission


Suggested Role Permissions

Role: Section Access Permission(s) Needed

View or Modify permission

E-Commerce > Transactions


E-Commerce > Coupons

View or Modify permission


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