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Pinned Reports, allow Admins to view Report pages and Saved Report Layouts previously pinned as a favorite. Multiple Saved Layouts can be Pinned and referenced from the Pinned Reports menu. This is an easy reference page created for Admins to find their favorite reports easily. 

Note: Pinned Reports are only visible to the Admin who pinned them and cannot be shared with other admins. You will want to use the Share Report option on the Report Action Toolbar to share your reports with other Admins. 

How to Pin Reports

The Admin will see the Pin Report icon represented on all reports that can be flagged and accessed through the Pinned Report menu. Once the Admin selects the Pin Report icon from the report action toolbar, they will immediately see the saved report from the Pinned Report menu. 

The Pinned Reports can be accessed through the main Admin menu.  From here Admins can access their favorite Reports.

Note: Pinned Reports will not display on the Admin Menu until an Admin has pinned their first report or report layout. 

Pinned Reports_Templates.gif

Pinned Reports Menu

Naming Convention

Links in the Pinned Layouts menu will adhere to the following naming convention:

Base Report Name
Saved Layout Name

If the saved layout name is too long, it will be truncated and the menu will display a maximum of three lines. If the Admin pins their default view of a report (not a named layout), it will show in the Pinned Layouts menu as Default for the layout name.

Rearrange Menu Order

Admins have the ability to move their most important Pinned Reports to the top of the list, by clicking and dragging it to the new section of the menu. When the Pinned Reports have been reordered, it will be remembered and stay that way until it has been changed. As new items are added, they will be added to the bottom of the menu, unless otherwise changed by the Admin. 

If an Admin doesn’t make any ordering changes, those layouts will default to sorting alphabetically (Base Report first, then Layout Name)

Pin Report Naming.png

Roles & Permissions

Please note that your environment may use customized Role(s), Permissions, or a combination of both to regulate access to reports.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your local System Administrator to review your current permission set. 

Required Role Permissions

Keep in mind that you may need to adjust Course level Course Administrator permissions.

Role: Section Access Permission(s) Needed


Suggested Role Permissions

Role: Section Access Permission(s) Needed

View or Modify permission


View or Modify permission

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