September 2021 Release Notes




The product was released on:

  • September 9th, to all environments except where exceptions are noted below

Please note:

  • All changes detailed in the following release notes only apply to clients on our latest Administrator interface. Click here for more details.



Absorb LMS Learner Experience

Absorb LMS Admin Experience

Absorb Create LI – Release 10.5 available September 30, 2021

Absorb Mobile Application – update available September 13, 2021


Absorb LMS Learner Experience

Drag and Drop Images in Collaborations

To make collaborations more visual and engaging, learners can now drag and drop images when composing a Comment in response to a post or Answer in response to a question.

Social Flyover in Collaborations (G)

To communicate with peers quickly and easily in a collaboration, a pop up will appear when hovering over anywhere the peer is shown (such as when shown as the poster of a comment).

Absorb LMS Admin Experience

Collaborations with Intelligent Assist (G)

For easy access to Collaborations data, the Collaborations Report can now be included in Intelligent Assist searches. Searches such as “Collaborations created in March of 2020” or “Edit Collaboration New Products” will take the administrator directly to the correct report or action.

Partial Course and Department Names in Intelligent Assist

To make access to information even easier, partial course names and department names will find matching courses and departments respectively without having to include the whole name.

Absorb Pinpoint Additional Languages

Pinpoint now supports content in languages other than English including the following. Transcripts can be created with a language selection, or by automatically detecting the language.









Bahasa Melayu







Chinese (zh)


Absorb Create LI – Release 10.5 available September 30, 2021

Support for Shared Lesson Objects

To make administration of courses with the same lesson more efficient, the Absorb LMS Shared Lesson object will be supported by Create LI.

  • When a shared lesson object is updated, all courses using the lesson will access the new version.
  • All courses using a shared lesson object will be shown in Create

Video Course Creation

To allow fast creation of video courses, a new video course can be created directly from the Create home page by recording a video.

Video Editing Tool

To make creation of video courses fast and easy, new video tools include

  • A count to keep track of recording time
  • Ability to pause and resume during video recording
  • Ability to edit video once recorded or from the library,
  • The ability to cut and stitch video

Absorb Infuse

  • To avoid failed authentications, a token expiration time has been added to authentication responses to allow Infuse developers to proactively refresh authentication tokens.
  • New search parameters have been added to my catalogue and search request
    • Learner Time
    • External ID
  • The course details call has had the property ‘Goals’ added.
  • To clarify administration, the Rest V2 API Key in the portal is now called the Infuse API Key

Absorb Mobile Application – update available September 13, 2021

This version contains minor bug fixes.


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