Introducing Absorb Analyze™: Business Intelligence and Ad Hoc Reporting Tool for Absorb LMS

Absorb has just announced the release of a new self-serve Business Intelligence (BI) and ad hoc reporting tool named Absorb AnalyzeTM. Absorb Analyze is the next generation of business intelligence and reporting solutions for Absorb LMS.

With the release of Absorb Analyze, we’re bringing an integrated reporting solution that provides our LMS administrators with a better understanding of what’s happening with their training programs and how their user base is performing through powerful, easy-to-use reporting options. Ultimately, giving them the ability to measure the impact of learning.


Absorb Analyze boasts some unique features that enables Administrators to:

  • Drill Down into Their Data: Access a set of BI widgets (maps, gauges and charts) with complete customization options to create intuitive, all-in-one dashboards for administrators, providing immediate access to ad hoc reporting and long-term analysis.

  • Establish Performance Alerts: Obtain automated alerts to specified report viewers when key thresholds are hit through the Pulse feature. L&D professionals will be able to identify where their training program can improve and measure its effectiveness.

  • Analyze Future Opportunities: Observe trends and use forecasts to understand possible future scenarios for learning engagement and other relevant business metrics.

  • Unlock Data Driven Insight: Automatically generate narratives, or text summaries, that provide an easy way to understand data. With Absorb Analyze, administrators can get the answers they need to improve their training programs and operations.

  • Make the Report Their Own: Branded dashboards and themes allow administrators to create effective reports while visualizing their data with predefined fields, groupings that match the unique corporate brand.

Absorb Analyze takes the out-of-the-box reporting capabilities of Absorb LMS to the next level by giving our clients true Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities with easy-to-use ad-hoc reports that don’t require our clients to have a background or expertise in big data analysis.

“At Absorb, continuous innovation and our commitment to clients are paramount to our success. Putting easy-to-use BI into the hands of our clients is just one way we’re delivering on that promise. With the ability to dive deep into your data for reporting and analysis purposes, administrators can see how learning is driving business outcomes. Absorb Analyze’s customization and powerful features—like dashboards for quick insights on learning programs or ROI analysis—give our clients an edge in today’s competitive landscape.”

Craig Basford

EVP of Product at Absorb Software


We hope you’re as excited about this next generation BI and reporting tool for Absorb LMS as we are. Absorb Analyze is available now for Absorb LMS clients who are on our latest Administrator Interface. To learn more and see Absorb Analyze in action, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager.


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