Creating Instructor Led Courses (ILCs)


This article contains information applicable to the refreshed Admin Experience (AE) and previous versions of the Absorb LMS product.

Creating Instructor Led Courses (ILCs)

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An Instructor Led Course (ILC) is a way to track live training in the LMS. An ILC is made up of Sessions that include the date, time and place of where the live session will occur. There are 3 main elements of an ILC; the overall training content or message, Sessions, and Classes. The ILC will hold all the details of what the training is about, while the Sessions cover the who, when and where and the Classes detail the specific date and time the session will be held. An ILC can have multiple Session options for the Learner to choose from and the Sessions can have  a single day or multiple classes the learner must attend. You can think of an ILC as a collection of Sessions, and a Session as a collection of Classes.


Creating an Instructor Led Course (ILC)

The following steps will walk through setting up an ILC. For specific questions on common settings in all Course Types, please see the Course Settings section of the knowledgebase.

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Step 1

Sign in to your Admin portal, select Courses from the Courses section of the Admin Menu.

Step 2

Then select Add Instructor Led in the right side Action Menu.

Step 3

This will launch the Add Instructor Led workspace, where the Admin can begin adding the General information. 

Step 4

After entering in the General information about the ILC, the next section Sessions is where the details of when, who and where the training will be held. Select the Add Sessions button to begin adding the your Sessions.  Please see How to Add an ILC Session article for the step-by-step on adding a Session. 

Multiple Sessions can be added, so that the User can select the date and time that works best for their calendar. 

Step 5

Continue setting up the ILC using the different Course Settings

Note: ILCs have multiple message options, such as the Enrollment into the ILC, ILC Completion, ILC Failure, Session Update, Session Enrollment, Instructor Message, etc... Providing numerous communication options to tie the live training to the LMS.


Special Considerations

Here are a few things regarding ILCs you may want to consider.

  • Learners can only be enrolled into one Session at a time, within the ILC. Once a completion is received or the User is unenrolled from the Session or ILC, then they can enroll into another Session for that ILC.
  • If you don't have a session attached to an ILC and a user is only attached to the ILC for record keeping purposes, then there is no option to bulk update the ILC completion status. You would need to go directly to the Learner’s transcripts to provide a completion.
  • If Minimum Class Size is not met, the system will not cancel an event automatically.
  • Automatic Enrollments are not an option on ILC since the Learner must select a Session.
  • The time of the session will automatically convert to the learner's time zone on their dashboard
  • Add to Calendar will only pull information placed in the Session Description field and not from the session enrollment email.
  • The Hide ILC Location URL is an option on the Courses tab of the Templates. This feature removes the URL from the Catalog view and will only allow Learners enrolled into the ILC to see the URL.
  • Cancelling a session does not drop the learner from the ILC, it only drops them from the Session. They will need to choose a new Session or be unenrolled from the ILC.

Roles & Permissions

Please note that your environment may use customized Role(s), Permissions, or a combination of both to regulate access to the Admin Menu.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your local System Administrator to review your current permission set. 


Required Role Permissions

Role: Section Access Permission(s) Needed
Courses > Instructor-Led Courses View, Modify and/or Delete permission
Courses > Sessions Add, Modify (Details, Enrollments, Metrics), Delete and/or Duplicate permission
Courses > Venues View

Suggested Role Permissions

Role: Section Access Permission(s) Needed
Courses > Venues Modify permission
Users View or Modify permission
Reports ILC Sessions
Reports ILC Activity
Reports ILC Grades
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