The Absorb Learn Mobile App allows Learners to access the Learner Experience through their iOS and Android mobile devices. Learners will be able to work on their Courses on and offline, if a Course has been enabled to allow the Course to be downloaded.

If a Learner downloads a Course and completes any work offline, they can easily sync this progress to the web LMS when they have connectivity.  This article can be used by Admins to educate Learners on the steps needed to download Courses and sync Course progress between the Absorb Learn mobile app and their web LMS.  

System Administrators can turn the Absorb Learn Mobile on at any time in Portal Settings > Info > Enable Mobile App and then Admins can begin configuring what Online Courses and Curricula are available in Courses Edit > Course Visibility > Enable for Mobile App


  • Only Curricula and Online Courses are visible in the Learn Mobile App. Instructor Led Courses are only available in the Web version. 


Learners will be able to access the app through their iOS and Android devices, including phones, iPads,  and tablets. The branding of the Absorb Learn app will appear consistent with their web Learner Experience and Learners will see any department-specific branding, your logo, and the highlight and status colors displayed on your web Learner Experience.  Learners will be able to sign in through the Service Provider Initiated SAML SSO settings that have been configured in your web LMS or by entering the LMS URL and their typical username/password. 

When Learners are signed into the Absorb Learn Mobile App, they will have access to a browsable Course Catalog and will be able to access Online Courses or Curricula with lessons that are:

  • File-based object lessons (e.g. PDF, DOCX, XLSX, etc.) housed in or outside your LMS
  • File-based videos (e.g. MP4) housed in or outside your LMS
  • eLearning created in SCORM 1.2 & 2004 lessons
  • TinCan/xAPI lessons
  • Assessment lessons

Learners can access these lessons online or download the content, to access it offline.  Progress made towards the course while offline can be synced once the Learner is online again. 

My Courses and Catalog

Learners can access Courses they have enrolled into and Courses they have yet to enroll into through the Learn Mobile App. The Courses must be marked as Enable for Mobile App and have an Enrollment Rule for the Learner to see these Courses.

Once the Learner is logged in they will see 2 tabs on the left menu, My Courses and Catalog. Here is where they will be able to launch their Courses or look for new Courses. There is also an option to search for Courses they are looking for, by selecting the magnifying glass. 

Here are the steps on how the Learner would log in and access their My Courses and Catalog. 

Step 1: Learner will go to their App Store and search for Absorb Learning. They will then download the free App to their mobile device. 

Step 2: The Learner will be prompted to enter in the LMS URL. 

Step 3: The Learner will log in using their Username or Password, unless the LMS is configured for Service Provider Initiated Mode SAML SSO. Then the Learner will automatically be logged into the LMS without being prompted to enter in their Username and Password. 

Note: The Learner will not be able to log in, if Portal Settings > Info > Enable Mobile App is not enabled. 

Step 4: Once logged in, the Learner will see their My Courses, Catalog, the Search feature and a Menu. If Courses have been configured correctly, the Learner will see a list of courses within the My Courses and/or Catalog tabs. 

Download and Sync Offline Progress

As mentioned above, Learners have the capability to work on their Courses while they are Online or while they are Offline. The Course will need to have Courses Edit > Course Availability > Allow Course Content Download enabled, to allow the Course to be downloaded.

When a Learner downloads a Course and makes progress towards the Course offline, they can easily sync this progress to the web LMS when they have connectivity. Here are the steps the Learner will take to ensure progress is synced correctly.

Step 1: The Learner will search for the Course(s) within the My Courses tab or the Catalog tab. Once enrolled, the Learner can download the Courses that have been made available to download. 

Step 2: Learners can select to download a course by clicking on the downward arrow to the right of the description or click on the Course name and select Download from the top right corner of the Course Details page.

If an Admin has not made the Course available for download, Learners will see a circle with a line through it instead of the arrow which indicates that the course is not available for downloading.

Step 3: Once a Learner has downloaded a Course, a faded check will display in place of the Download icon.

Step 4: The Learner can click the Start or Resume button in the Course Details area to progress in the Course online or offline when no internet connection is available. 

Step 5: Once the Learner is back online, the sync icon will appear next to the title of the Course in My Courses. The Learner can also sync their progress from the Manage Downloads pop up modal or from the Menu > Sync All



  • It is important to note that if a Learner attempts to sync their progress while still offline (without connectivity), they will receive an error message. Once back online (with connectivity), they can click the sync icon again to update their progress.
  • Syncing Time Spent in not currently supported.


When accessing the mobile app, Learners may experience some common issues noted below.  We have provided possible causes and solutions for these issues below as well as information on how to reach out to the Absorb Help Desk for additional assistance if needed.  

Possible Issues

  • Learners could experience errors when attempting to sync their progress from the Mobile App to the web LMS.
    • Likely cause:  Since a Learner can download their Courses and make progress while offline, they may experience conflicting issues if an Admin has deleted or modified the Lesson or unenrolled the Learner while they are attempting to make progress in the Course.
    • Solution: Admins can review the Course Enrollment report to see what Learners are currently In Progress to determine if a change can be made or not. Changes to Courses will not impact Learners who have Not Started or Completed the Course. 
  • When Learners login to the app using their correct Username and password, they may receive a message that says Access Denied. Please contact your Administrator.
    • Likely cause: The Absorb Learn mobile app has not been turned on.
    • Solution:  System Admin will need to turn ON the Enable Mobile App setting in Portal Settings > Info > Enable Mobile App
  • When using iOS and logging into the app using their correct Username and password, the Learner may receive a message that says An unexpected error has occurred.
    • Likely cause: The Learner does not have a default Language selected in their Profile.
    • Solution:  An Admin or the Learner will need to add a default Language. If Language is not available for the Learner to edit, then this will need to be done by an Admin. The Admin will log into the Admin interface and then edit the Learner by going to User > Edit User > Details > Language. 
  • The Learner does not see any Courses in their mobile app My Courses or Catalog.
    • Likely cause: The Courses and Curricula do not have the Enable for Mobile App setting turned ON within the settings. 
    • Solution:  An Admin will need to set the Enable for Mobile App setting ON for each Course (or Curriculum) so it will appear in the Catalog and My Courses by going to Courses Edit > Course Visibility > Enable for Mobile App.

If Learners continue to experience any issues after the solutions above have been implemented, you can open a support ticket by going to https://support.absorblms.com and selecting Contact Us. Be sure to include the following information: 

  • Device and OS information (e.g. iPhone, iOS 12.3.1 or Samsung Galaxy S9+)
  • Issue details (e.g. error message received)
  • Steps taken to fix the error


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