We heard you – a new Restful API for Absorb LMS is almost here! After a thorough review of our API portfolio, Absorb will be releasing an upgraded API for better custom integrations with Absorb LMS. 

Absorb will release Restful API v1.5 as a part of its July release—an upgraded version of the API Absorb customers have been using to create customized interactions with their LMS data. Restful API v1.5 is a replacement to our current version—Restful API v1, which will no longer be available after December 31, 2022.

 Restful API v1.5 comes packed with key functionality improvements in areas clients have been asking for: 

  • Security: Optional support for Oath2. 
  • Reliability: New Service Gateway, which securely validates and load-balances requests. 

  • Speed: Phased improvements to response and processing speed, super scalable service infrastructure, and processing architecture. 

  • Usability: Standardized logging and error responses. Swagger generated and maintained API documentation. Removed unnecessary restrictions on User profile updates. Support of pagination, sorting and filtering on some high use GET endpoints. 

  • Power: Added capabilities to the User endpoint include: 
    • Updating, sorting, and filtering by custom fields 
    • Access to user login attributes 
    • Access to user competencies 
  • Roadmap: The new architecture supports advanced features such as bulk updates to Users and Enrollments, as well as continued improvements to background processing. These will be rolled out later this year. 

Upgrading to v1.5 

Our new Restful API brings improved security, reliability, and usability benefits that weren’t possible on its predecessor, and we strongly encourage our Restful API clients to upgrade to the updated version as soon as possible.   

Restful API v1.5 has a backward compatibility mode, which minimizes required client code changes. Besides the new service path, the use of pagination is non-optional on some endpoints. Pagination is beneficial because it ensures request load is leveled out and, together with sorting and filtering, will reduce the need to request all resources when a subset will get the job done. 

To continue accessing Absorbs Restful API, you will need to complete an upgrade to v1.5 before December 21st, 2022. Your technical resources will have client code changes to complete as part of this upgrade process. To assist with this effort, please share a link to our upgrade guide with them. 

Thank you for being a valued customer of Absorb's. Your Account team is here to offer support during this process. If you have any questions or feedback about Restful API v1.5 or the upgrade process, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager for further assistance. 

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