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This article details the expected functionality for a portion of the Next Generation Learner Experience. Please contact your Absorb Representative to learn more about this free upgrade available to you.


Through our Next Generation Learner Experience, we have worked to streamline Instructor Led Course workflows to ensure effective session selection when a Learner is enrolling into an ILC. Now, a Learner is required to select a session at the time of ILC enrollment. To add, the new workflows will also provide Learners with clarity on actions that can be taken when enrolling into an ILC session. The goal is to ensure effective session selection for the Learner based on common use-cases. This article will define improvements and list the new workflows available for ILC Session actions.  

Admin & Learner Impact

Once the Next Generation Learner Experience toggle is enabled, the ILC workflow will appear different to Learners.  Learners will be able to experience this workflow enhancement on the Dashboard, in the Catalog or in My Courses.  

Setup Instructions

Enabling the Next Generation Learner Experience

For Admins and Learners to take advantage of the streamlined ILC session selection, the Next Generation Toggle must be enabled. 

A System Admin can navigate Portal Settings > Users Tab to enable the Next Generation LE toggle. You must be a System Admin to access Portal Settings. Learn more.



The main improvement of this feature was ensuring ILC and ILC session enrollments were an atomic action. A Learner is now required to choose a session from the ILC Details page after enrolling into the ILC course. If the Learner exits the ILC Details page without selecting a session, the Learner will not be considered to be enrolled into that ILC. 

From a Dashboard ribbon, in the Catalog or My Courses, a Learner will now be able to see varying action buttons based on the scenario: 

Action Scenario 

Learner is unenrolled and:

  • There are no future sessions, or
  • All sessions are full and there are no waitlist
Choose Session

Learner is unenrolled and:

  • There are one or more sessions available, or
  • Some sessions have waitlists, or
  • All sessions have waitlists
  • Admin enrolls learner in ILC but not a session

Learner is enrolled in a session 


As seen below, Learners will now have more clarity on actions available via the new action buttons. 

Note: The pink text displayed above the ILC Courses describes the possible scenario. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (3).png


  • If an ILC has no future sessions created, a Learner can still enroll into the ILC to express interest. If this workflow does not work for your use-case, we recommend you create at least one future ILC session before making the ILC available to Learners. 
  • If a Learner is already enrolled in an ILC and session, the action will read View to indicate no further action is required for enrollment.


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