This article contains instructions and details about Absorb Create core functionality.

In this lesson, we will take you through the basics of creating your first course.

Video Demonstration

Watch this video for a quick demonstration on how to initiate building an Absorb Create Course.

Written Instructions

  1. Click the Create Course button located in the header.

  2. The course creation wizard will open, and you’ll be asked to choose a theme for your course.

    • Click the thumbnail image of a theme to open a preview window and explore the theme’s slide templates' look and feel.
    • Click the Use this theme button to select and apply the theme to your course.

    Note: You can also choose the Start from scratch option to build your own theme using the numerous Player Appearance settings.

  3. Type the name of the project into the Enter your course title field and click the Continue button.

    • You will be automatically redirected to the Absorb Create Course Editor and asked to create your first page.

  4. From the Add Page window, click on the Welcome slide from the Theme Templates.

  5. Enter a name for the page in the Page Name field.  This name will be visible to learners in the course table of contents.

    • Once you're done, click the Continue button to create your page.
    • You will be automatically redirected to the course page editing space.
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