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This article contains instructions and details about Absorb Create core functionality.

This article will discuss how to add subtitles to your video pages in AbsorbCreate. 

When you create a Video page, you might want to add subtitles to your video to help your learner. 


Here is how to add and edit subtitles to your video page :

A. Using our Auto transcription tool ( beta)  

Steps : 

1. Add a video page 

2. On the right panel, click on subtitles 


3. You can: Use the Auto-transcript feature OR Upload your own SRT (check below for more information on how to create your own SRT file).



4. Choose your video language from the available list ( If you cannot find the language you can use your own SRT file ) 



5. Once the text is uploaded or added, you can review the text against your video and make edits where needed 

You can delete a line. 




6. You can add more text where you feel needed by clicking "Add" and then adding your text in the newly created space based on the time 



7. Click on the X to save your updates and go back to the editor 





Note: You can add subtitles with one language of your choice. 


B. Upload your SRT file 

How to create an SRT file : 

  1. You can create an SRT file in any text editor, including Notepad, TextEdit, and Notepad++.
  2. Open a text editor of your choice, and order each line of your subtitles, starting with 1.
  3. Next, put the time the subtitle begins, then "-->", and the time it ends.
  4. Format your timestamp like this -- "hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds".
  5. Below your start and end timestamp, put your first line of text.

Generally, Wordpad or Notepad is the easiest programs to open SRT files with because you can view them in plain text. 

In order for an SRT file to work in conjunction with the video file, it's paired with, it must follow a specific format consisting of: 

  1. The line number
  2. The time range where the line should appear in the video
  3. The text that should appear on the line



00:00:00,498 --> 00:00:02,827
- Here's what I love most
about food and diet.

00:00:02,827 --> 00:00:06,383
We all eat several times a day,
and we're totally in charge

00:00:06,383 --> 00:00:09,427
of what goes on our plate
and what stays off.




00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:00,000

[Insert your first line of text here, and don't forget to change the timestamps.]


00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:00,000

[Insert your second line of text here, and don't forget to change the timestamps.]


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