This article contains instructions and details about Absorb Create core functionality.

One good example of using tables to add text to your slides is to add lots of data. 


Here are some steps to create a table with lots of content: 


  1. Create a new Text element and resize it to take the space of the table

  2. Click on Edit Text



3. Add a Table from Appearance. 


4. Table properties:Enter the number of rows and columnstable_properties.png

5. Press down the mouse and select starting from the second column to the fourth column, then right-click → Cell → Merge CellsMerge_cells.png


6. Do the same for the other headers of the table

7. Select all the cells starting from the second row and the second column, right click → Cell → Cell Properties







8. Set the width to 70 pixels and the height to 40 pixels


9. Fill the table and set the font size so that the text in the title fit



10. Select all cells starting from the second column and center the text







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