Group/Ungroup Function

This article contains instructions and details about Absorb Create core functionality.

This article will cover the steps on how to group and ungroup multiple objects on a slide page. Grouping objects lets you rotate, resize, and rearrange the objects together as though they were a single object. 


How to Group Objects

  • To group objects together, please hold Ctrl on your keyboard while you click to select the shapes, pictures, or other objects to you would like to group on the page. With the items selected, click on the 'More Options' menu, which displays next to the count of selected items. In the menu, select the option of 'Group.'

How to Ungroup Objects

  • Once a group has been created, if you would like to ungroup the objects, you would first select the group, and from the 'More Options' menu, select the option of 'Ungroup.'

Actions Within a Group

  • How to set the order for a Group:

  • How to create a duplicate of the Group:

  • How to resize a Group:

  • How to rotate a Group: "Note: Rotating a group with a video is not doable." 

  • How to delete a Group:

Update Items Within a Group Separately

  • While items are within a group, you are still able to select and modify those individual objects.


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