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This article contains instructions and details about  Absorb Create LI (Integrated Specific)

With the Reviewer feature in Create, a content creator can invite reviewers to review their course and provide feedback before publishing the course.


How to Invite/Re-invite Reviewers

  • Any admin in the LMS who has an email address listed in their account can be set as a reviewer for a course. 

Inviting Reviewers Within the Workspace

  1. Log into your Create workspace
  2. Click on the options menu for the course 
  3. Select the option of Manage Reviewers Workspace_Manage_Reviewers.png
  4. Start by tying the user name or email address, a drop-down will show with all the names of users.
    You can also type a new email address, this person will be sent an invitation to join the system as a reviewer role only.

Inviting Reviewers Within the Course

  1. Click in the Comments for the course
  2. Click on Manage Users
  3. Start typing in the user name of the reviewer and a dropdown menu will show all the name of the LMS admins. Select the admin account and click [Done]Manage_Users_Dialog_Box.png

Accessing a Course to Review It

  • A reviewer can only access the course for review through the link in the invitation in the email. Once their account is validated the reviewer will be brought to the 'Reviews' page which will list all the courses they are able to review Reviews_Workspace.png

Re-Invite a Reviewer

  • A content creator can send another invitation to the previously invited reviewers in case they are unable to locate the previous invitation email to use the link 
    1. Go into the course editor
    2. Click [Comment]
    3. Click [Manage Reviewer]
    4. Click the options menu next to the account and select the 'Send review link notification' optionResend_Reviewer_Invite.png

How to Remove Reviewers From a Course

  • When an admin is uninvited as a reviewer for a course, they will not receive a notification stating they have been removed as a reviewer for the course. The link from their invite will cease to work for the course.

To Remove a Reviewer

    1. From the workspace, click to edit a course
    2. Click on the [Comment] option
    3. Click [Manage Reviewers]
    4. Click the options menu next to the account and select the option of 'Remove'Remove_Reviewer.png

Comments, Replies & Mentions

  • A course's creator, any invited reviewers, or other content creators who have access to the course's workspace can leave comments on a course.
  • The creator of the course can edit/delete ALL comments and replies on their courses left by reviewers or other content creators. Reviewers and other content creators can only edit/delete their own comments.

To Add a Comment to a Course

    1. When reviewing a course, under the 'Page' menu, select [Add Comment]
    2. A comment "bubble" will show on the top right side of the slide and a text box will show on the panel Add_Comment.png
    3. After typing in your comment, you can click [Save] to add your comment, or click [Cancel] to cancel your comment
    4. You can then click and drag the comment bubble around on the slide to point out a certain item Comment_Bubble.png
    5. You can mention anyone on a specific comment for personalization. They must have access to the course ( reviewer or content creator). They shall receive an email to let them know they have been mentioned.


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