Enabling the Next Generation Learner Experience (LE)


Please know that you will no longer have access to disable the Next Gen Learner Interface toggle after September 2023.


Watch this short demonstration of enabling the Next Generation Learner Experience (LE) for your Absorb LMS portal.  Written instructions are provided below.

Note: A System Admin can navigate Portal Settings > Users Tab to enable the Next Generation LE toggle. You must be a System Administrator to access Portal Settings.



  1. Beginning from anywhere within the refreshed Admin Experience (AE), click the Account button.

  2. A new menu will appear. Select Portal Settings.

  3. Once the page refreshes, click the Users tab.

  4. The Enable Next Generation LE toggle button will be the first option in this section.  Click the toggle button to change its state.
    • ON = Feature enabled
    • OFF = Feature disabled
  5. Click Save.  The configured state of the Enable Next Generation LE toggle button will be saved and applied to your Absorb LMS portal.



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