Logging into Absorb Academy


Absorb Academy is a great place for your administrators to learn about the admin features of Absorb LMS. This comprehensive training portal contains Role Based Curricula that are tailored to cover content relevant to the 5 default roles in Absorb:

  • System Admin
  • Admin
  • Reporter
  • Instructor
  • BI Reporter

Your admin's can earn Absorb certifications and access additional resources, such as direct links to Help Desk articles that relate to each lesson. 

To enter Absorb Academy, log in through your portal's Admin UI. From the Help & Support drop down menu, select the Absorb Academy button. This will automatically log you in via Single Sign On (SSO).

Please Note: The only way to log into Absorb Academy is by using the Absorb Academy Button. It is not currently possible to log in directly through the Absorb Academy login page with your regular credentials. If you are having trouble accessing the Academy through your portal's Help & Support menu, please open a ticket with Support



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