The Learner Transcript

The Learner Transcript details the training history of a Learner and includes information on attendance status, enrollment dates, scores, and more.

Course Visibility

Inactive Courses Displayed

You can now have the option to show inactive Courses on Learner Transcripts.  This allows Learners to see which Courses they have earned credit for completing, regardless of the current Course Status.


The Learner Transcript visibility option is housed in the Template.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Templates and choose the Template to modify.

  2. Navigate to the Settings tab, scroll to the Profile section, and expand the Learner Transcript sub-section.

  3. Click the toggle button for the Show Inactive Courses on Transcript option to enable the feature. The toggle will display a blue and white checkmark once enabled (ON).

  4. Click Save.

Watch Example: Enable Inactive Courses on Learner Transcript

Transcript Before

Transcript - BEFORE Enabled.jpg

Transcript After

Transcript - After Enabled.jpg


Launch Course from Learner Transcript

Learners can launch Courses from their transcript by clicking the Start, Resume, or View option. 

  • Online Courses will launch the Learner to the course player to consume the module again.
  • Instructor-Led Courses (ILCs) and Curricula will launch the Learner to the Course details page.

Watch Example: Launching Course from Learner Transcript

Transcript Certificates

Certificate Expiry

When a learner's course or curriculum certificate has expired, a timer icon will automatically appear within the "Expires" column of the learner's transcript for that particular certificate. This icon will only appear for certificates that are past their expiration dates. 

Important Note: In the upper right corner of the transcript's certificate page, learners will see the timer icon followed by "Certificate is expired" verbiage. This serves as the legend for what the timer icon represents when it does appear, and only applies to certificates that have that timer populated.



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