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The Collaboration Activity Tile

Important: You must update your Template(s) to include the Collaboration Activity Tile to allow your learners to view and access the Collaboration(s) they belong to.


Instructions: How to Add a Collaboration Activity Tile to a Template

The following instructions guide you on how to add the Collaboration Tile to an existing Template.  For information on how to create a new Template, please review: Templates & Themes.

Step 1

Navigate to the Templates page by clicking the Admin Menu Setup button and choosing Templates from the sub-menu.  You will be routed to the Templates Report page.

Step 2

Choose the template you want to modify by clicking the checkbox next to its name so it is "checked." Then click the Edit button.  You will be routed to the template builder's Private Dashboard tab.

For information on how to create a new Template, please review: Templates & Themes.

Step 3

In the Private Dashboard tab, click the Content element to expand its section. 

All of the containers and their tiles that have been assigned to the Template will be visible.  You can add the new tile to an existing container or create a new one.

To do this, click the Add Tile(s) button. A modal will open, displaying the available tiles.  In the Engage Tiles section, select the Collaborations Activity option. Then click Save.

The modal will close.

Step 4

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the main Save button. A confirmation message will display once the changes have been accepted.

Navigate back to the Template Reports page by clicking the Return to Admin Template button located at the top of the page.


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