Department Templates

Templates are a way to customize your Learner's experience within the LMS. You can customize colors, images, the Learner Dashboard, the Login Page, add a Public Dashboard, and much more! Only System Administrators have access to Templates.

Templates are tied to Departments, so only Learners with the selected Department will see the Template. The LMS will automatically create a Template that is associated with your top Department. If you decide to add more than one Template for different Departments, this Template will provide a starting point. You can choose to leave the new Template with the same configurations in each section or customize the sections.

Department Template Advisory
  • You must select Save to keep the changes you have made on the Template management page. In some cases, you may need to select Save on the item you are adjusting and the main page. For instance, if you are customizing a Tile on the Dashboard, you will need to select Save on the modal and on the Dashboard page.
  • If you are trying to adjust colors or images within your LMS, you may run into browser caching that will deter you from seeing your changes. It is always best to see the changes you have made in an incognito browser or a browser that has been cleared of its history.
  • If multiple Templates are created, Learners that do not specifically match a Template Department will receive the Default Template
  • While editing a Department Template, whether it be a parent or child, System Admins will automatically be impersonating the Department Template. This will be made apparent to any System Admin by the text displayed in the top left corner of the portal, and with the Return to Admin Template button at the top right.
  • In order for a new Department Template to be saved, when duplicating a Template, you need to make a change on the Manage Templates page and save it for the system to register it as a new unique Department Template


How to Create a Template

How to Add a Template.gif

  1. From the Admin Interface open the Setup menu and click Templates.
  2. On the Templates page, click Template under Add New.
  3. From the Add Template page, click the drop-down menu and select a Department that does not have a Department Template. After selecting a Department click Add under Add Template on the right-hand side.

    • This will take you to the Template Management page, where you can begin customizing the Template. The Department Template you are creating will not be officially added to the list of Templates until a change is made and saved.


Department Templates Duplication

The Duplicate Department Template feature allows you to copy the configuration from one Department Template to another, so long as both Departments share the same Parent Department. The Duplicate Department Template feature will only work if the target Department does not have an existing Department Template.


How to Duplicate a Department Template

  1. From the Admin Interface, navigate to Setup > Templates Report.
  2. Select the Department Template to duplicate and click the Duplicate Template button.Duplicate Template Admin.png
  3. Choose the destination sibling Department from the drop-down list on the Duplicate Template page.
    • If there are no sibling Departments for the selected Department, the list will be empty. The Admin can't duplicate a Department Template until it has a sibling Department.
    • If the destination sibling Department already has a Template applied, the Admin will see an error message that the destination Department must not have a Template applied.
  4. Click the Continue button.
  5. The Admin is taken to the Learner Experience (LE) editor with the Duplicated Template.
    • It's important to consider that Enable Public Dashboard setting value is not duplicated from the Parent Department.
  6. After making the changes to the new duplicated Department (if needed), the Admin then must click the Save Template button. If it's not clicked, the duplicated Template will not be saved.


Department Template Tabs

From the Template Management page there are six tabs, each of which manage a different component of the Department Template.


To open a Department Template Tab click the tab itself and the section will open. Each Tab contains a variety of options, and toggles. For more information about each Department Template Tab, please advise the following articles:

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