Department Templates: Login Tab

This article is about configuring a Department Template Tab. For more information about Department Templates please click here.

The Login Tab provides a System Admin with the ability to customize the LMS Login page and add branding to their Portal.


Under the Login Tab there are two accordion objects that expand when clicked. Details on each section are as follows:


Login Page

The Login Page section primarily allows you to add and modify the Background Image of the Learner Experience Login page.

Details about these settings are below:


Background Image

The Background Image will display on the Login page, to the left of the Sign In options, and below the Banner. In this section you can add the Background Image by clicking Browse to open the File Manager and select/upload the intended image.

  • Suggested size:
    • 1920 x 860 px
    • 1 MB max size


Background Image Display

This selection determines how the Background Image will be presented.


Background Image Alignment

This setting configures the anchor position of the Background Image that will remain visible if the browser scales. Select the area of the image that contains the point of interest of the composition.


Background Image Opacity

This setting allows you to determine the impact of the Background Image. The lower the opacity, the more of the background color shows through the image



Here is where a System Admin can determine additional information related to Learners and what they see on the Login page.

The following sections detail these settings:


Hide Sign Up button from Login Page

This toggle determines if a User will be able to Sign Up from the Login page.



Public Signup Enrollment Key

This setting allows you to use a specific Enrollment Key for new Users registering for your Portal.


This setting sets an Enrollment Key to override the Sign Up button. If the toggle is enabled, a field will appear where you can enter the Key Name of the Enrollment Key you want new Users to utilize when registering for your Portal.


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