Multi-Session ILCs


The Multi-Session feature allows LMS Admins to offer flexible training options for Learners, allowing Learners to opt into or be manually enrolled into a multiple ILC sessions.

Most use cases revolve around the "drop-in" training style or multiple tracks within a single ILC course. The most notable example is a "Lunch & Learn" series, where a different topic could be explored every month, and Learners could enroll in the sessions that piqued their interests (but ignore the ones that did not). Another common use case this enables is live training where time spent learning must be appropriately tracked, but the organization needs to account for a break mid-day.

This article provides an overview of configuring an ILC to support multiple-session enrollments and manage or update those enrollments for both Admins and Learners.

Important Note

  • Multi-Session ILCs do not support E-Commerce 
  • Some REST v1 and REST v1.5 calls do not support multi-session ILCs 

Enabling Multi-Session Enrollment on an ILC

A System Administrator must first enable the feature on your portal before you will see the setting available on ILCs. The Multi-Session feature can be enabled on a course-by-course basis for courses requiring multiple-session enrollments.

Examples include: drop-in style training, monthly featured speakers, training series needing to follow a non-regular cadence, and more!

Follow the below steps to enable Multi-Session Enrollment: 

Step 1: Enable the “Enable ILC Multiple Session Enrollment” setting for the portal. This can be found in Portal Settings > Users tab > “Enable Multiple Session Enrollment” toggle.


Step 2: Select the “Add Instructor Led” Action button from the right-hand menu of the Courses Report

Step 3: Open and Navigate to the “Availability” section of the form

Step 4: Toggle the “Allow Enrollment in Multiple Sessions” 


Enrolling Users in Multiple Sessions 

An Admin can enroll users into multiple sessions at once (as long as the ILC in question has that setting enabled) by simply selecting all of the desired sessions you wish the Learner(s) to enroll in.


Enrollment Keys can also be used to simultaneously enroll users into multiple sessions of a supported ILC.

Important Note

Enrollment Keys cannot be used to circumvent the number of seats remaining in any selected ILC session. Please ensure the Number of Uses field value is below the lowest available seat count!

ILC Activity Report Changes 

  • The ILC Activity Report has been updated to show each session that a Learner is enrolled in for an ILC and the individual status for that session.
    • All available actions on this report remain the same. Please reference the ILC Activity Report article for more information.


Edit ILC Activity Page Changes 

  • The Edit ILC Activity page now supports multiple session enrollments for a Learner.
    • For multi-session ILCs, Admins can use this page to manage all aspects of Learner's session enrollments. They can add additional sessions, update session attendance and status, swap session enrollments, and unenroll the Learner from sessions.


Multi-Session ILC Status and Progress 

For a Multi-Session ILC, course completion requires that all enrolled sessions be complete, as well as Course Uploads and required Course Evaluations (if configured).

Progress calculations are based on the number of recurrences marked as attended (or sessions completed) plus any required Course Uploads and/or Course Evaluations. Each is weighted evenly in the progress calculation.

Multi-Session ILCs can be manually marked as Failed by an Admin if the ILC is configured to allow failure.

Role & Permissions 

Below are the Required Role Permissions Admins will need to configure and manage multi-session ILCs, and the Suggested Role Permissions Admins may want to have in combination with what is required.

Please note that your environment may use customized Role(s), Permissions, or a combination to perform these activities. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your local System Administrator to review your current permissions.

  • Required Roles & Permissions – Configuring Multi-Session ILCs
    • Admin Role
    • Courses > Instructor Led Courses > View
    • Courses > Instructor Led Courses > Modify General
    • Courses > Instructor Led Courses > Modify Availability
  • Suggested Roles & Permissions – Managing ILC Session Enrollments
    • Admin Role
    • ILC Grades Report
    • ILC Activity Report
    • View & Modify Enrollments


Workflow Changes 

In order to provide separation of course discovery from action (similar to Online courses) and enable us to expand on the use cases to meet those different needs, the learner ILC workflow has changed slightly as such:


  • Clicking the course title or the thumbnail from the Catalog item will take the Learner to the ILC Course Content tab, where they can see the course description and other content (if configured) in order to decide if it is something of interest or to read vital instructions before committing to the course.
  • Clicking the “Choose Session” button from the Catalog item will immediately take them to the ILC Sessions tab where they can see available sessions in which to Enroll.



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