Absorb Content - Retirement and Replacement Process

Note: This process is intended for content purchased directly through Absorb. Content loaded via an integration may require a different workflow for retirement and replacement. If you have any questions please contact Absorb Support at support@absorblms.com for assistance.

Over time, Absorb Content is refreshed with new and updated information, while previous versions are retired and no longer available. When a new version is released, client Admins will need to verify the presence of the latest content package in their Online Course, ensuring uninterrupted access for Learners.


Upcoming Course Retirements

This article describes the workflow for Admins to replace existing Absorb Content. If you are new to converting and managing content in Absorb, please review this article to learn more about our Absorb Content Products.

Upcoming course retirements can be found in multiple areas:

  • Within the Absorb Content Report, add the Display Column for Archived Date and check for upcoming retirement dates:
    Content Report - Table View - Date Archived Highlighted.png
  • Check out the Monthly Updates articles available for Absorb Content to find suggested replacement content courses.
  • Reach out to your Account Manager or Client Success Manager to ensure you have opted into the monthly newsletter. By default, the monthly newsletter will be sent to the Key Contacts on your account.
  • When courses within your Absorb Content contract are within 90 days of the archive date set by the Content Partner, a warning will appear on both the card and table version of the Absorb Content Report. You can click view retiring courses in this banner to apply a filter and view the retiring content courses.
    Absorb Content Report - Courses Retiring Warning - Neutral.png
Important Notes
  • Deleting converted Online Courses will remove all historical records of enrollments related to that course. As a best practice, we recommend changing the Online Course status from Active to Inactive (instead of deleting the Online Course) to retain enrollment history of the Online Course.
  • When a Lesson is replaced using existing content, historical enrollment data will be retained on the Online Course. Learners with enrollments in a status of In Progress or Not Started will see no change on the Learner Interface; however, the next time they launch the Course, Learners will be prompted to start the new Lesson.
    • Auto-enrollment on an existing Course will remain in place when a Lesson is replaced – no notification will be sent to Learners that content and/or Lessons have been replaced or updated.
  • Content conversion from the Absorb Content Report into an Online Course is available to System Admins and Admins.


Replacing Retired Content

To support Administrators replacing deprecated content from our content partners, the Content Replacement Workflow has been created, replacing the existing manual process.

Alongside this workflow, content replacement recommendations will be surfaced directly in the LMS to enable Admins to have a starting point for selecting suitable replacements for their content.

For more information about Replacing Retired Content advise the following article:


Replace an Existing Lesson Object Manually

    1. Navigate to the existing Online Course from the Courses Report page. 
    2. Select the Course and click Edit in the right-hand navigation menu.
      Selected Course_new.png
    3. Within the Courses Form, navigate to the Syllabus and choose Add Learning Object.
      Add Learning Object_new.png
    4. Select Absorb Content as the Learning Object Type.
      Absorb Content Object Type_new.png
    5. Select the applicable Content Contract from the dropdown menu and click Next.
      Click Next_new.png
    6. Search for and select the NEW/ REPLACEMENT content that you wish to replace the existing and/or retiring content in your Online Course, and select Choose.
      New or Replacement Content_new.png
    7. Adjust Lesson details and settings as required and click Apply.
      Lesson Details and Apply_new.png
    8. Once the new and/or replacement Course has been tested and confirmed to work as expected, delete the existing (retired) Lesson Object, using the trash can icon.
    9. Click Publish to save your changes.


Best Practices

  • New and/or replacement Courses are typically made available in the LMS 60-90 days ahead of the original Course's retirement. Client Admins should inform their Learners and have any In Progress or Not Started Learners complete the existing Course ahead of bringing in the new Course package.
  • When swapping a Lesson, make sure to test it and ensure it works as expected before replacing the previous Lesson


Roles and Permissions  

Below are the Required Role Permissions Admins will need to Add and/or Modify Users within the LMS and the Suggested Role Permissions Admins may want to have in combination of what is required.

Please note that your environment may use customized Role(s), Permissions, or a combination of both to perform these activities. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your local System Administrator to review your current permissions.

Required Role Permissions

Role: Section Access Permission(s) Needed
Manage > Absorb Content

View and Modify Permissions

Note: Absorb Content access is available to Admin and System Admin roles by default.

Courses > Online Courses

View and Modify Permissions


Suggested Role Permissions

Role: Section Access Permission(s) Needed
Courses > Online Courses > Lessons

View and/or Modify Permissions

Courses > Curricula

View and/or Modify Permissions


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