Course Recommendations

Course Recommendations uses machine learning to showcase available Courses to Learners that they may be interested in based on prior completions in your Portal. This feature is both a Course Setting Template Ribbon. The following article contains information about using Course Recommendations, what they look like and how the recommendations will be ordered.


Creating a Course Recommendations Ribbon

The Course Recommendations Ribbon may be added onto a Private Dashboard Template to recommend potentially interesting courses to Learners. This method showcases how to add a Course Recommendations Ribbon to an existing Template:

  1. From the Admin Interface click the Setup menu button to open the Setup Menu.
  2. Click Templates from the Setup Menu. This will open the Templates Report.
  3. From the Templates Report select the Template you want to Edit and then click the Edit button from the right-hand side the Actions menu. The Edit Template Page will open.
  4. From the Edit Template Page under the Private Dashboard tab is the Content section. Click the Content Section and it will expand.
  5. Under the Content Section click Add New Container. A new Container will appear underneath the existing one.
  6. From the New Container click the drop-down menu and select Ribbon.
  7. Under Label click the drop-down menu and select either Recommended Courses (Last Completion) or Recommended Courses (All Completions).
  8. Click the Save button at the bottom right of the Content section.


Recommended Courses (Last Completion)

Displays up to 20 courses that machine learning has determined to be related to the last course completed by a Learner, subject to availability to that Learner. Requires the Learner to have completed at least one Online Course. Recommendations are regenerated after every Online Course completion.


Recommended Courses (All Completions)

Displays up to 20 Courses that machine learning has determined to be related to any of the Learner's previous Online Course completions, subject to the availability of that Learner. Requires the Learner to have completed at least one Online Course. Recommendations are regenerated after every Online Course completion.


Course Recommendations Ribbon Example

The following is an example of how a Course Recommendations Ribbon will appear on your Private Dashboard:



Turning on Course Recommendations for a Course

Course Recommendations can be used at the Course level to showcase related, or potentially interesting courses to the Learner after they have completed the course they are enrolled into. 

Course Recommendations look at selected Tags when determining the relevant Courses to display. The following method showcases how to setup Course Recommendations for an existing Online Course:

  1. From the Admin Interface open the Courses Menu and click Courses. The Courses Report will open.
  2. From the Courses Report select the Online Course you want to Edit. Then click Edit from the right-hand side Actions menu. The Edit Course page will open.
  3. On the Edit Course page navigate to the Catalog Visibility section.
  4. Turn Course Recommendations to ON. The Recommendation Tags setting will appear.
  5. Under Recommendation Tags you can click to open a drop-down menu and select any, or all of the relevant Tags. A callout will indicate how many Courses the Tag matches.
  6. Click Publish when you are ready to save the change.


Course Recommendations on a Course Example

The following is an example of Recommendations appearing for a User who has completed an Online Course. In this example the Learner may click either of the recommended Online Courses and the corresponding Course Details will open.


How Course Recommendations are Ordered

Course Recommendations are sorted based on how many Tags the completed Course matches. As an example if the Course Recommendation Ribbon is looking at Last Completion and the last Online Course a Learner completed has four Tags. Available Courses that match all four Tags rank higher than matching two of the four Tags.

When multiple courses have the same count of matching Tags they are sorted alphabetically.

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