Capturing an Absorb Correlation ID

As it relates to Absorb LMS, a Correlation ID is a value that is generated by the LMS alongside most actions or events. The Correlation ID is invaluable for our Client Advocacy teams when working to provide support. This value allows our team to review details, and the series of events associated with a specific outcome.

Prior to submitting a support ticket, it may be useful to determine if you can capture a Correlation ID to include alongside your request. At times, the system will showcase the Correlation ID in the form of an error message. If you encounter an error message and it gives you an ID, please copy the value and provide it to support.

Advise the following method to capture a Correlation ID:

  1. A Correlation ID can only be observed in a browser when you have developer tools open. On most browsers, developer tools are opened by pressing the F12 key.
  2. With developer tools open, navigate to the Network tab.
  3. With the Network tab open, navigate to the page you are encountering an issue with, or reproduce the action that causes an error.
  4. A list of events will populate in the Network tab of developer tools.
  5. If you are encounter an error, you will likely see one of the events listed in red or with a 4XX or 5XX status code on the left hand side. Click the affected item from the list to open response details.
  6. From the response details of the network event, there will be a Response Headers section. If available, the Correlation ID will be listed as x-absorb-correlation-id.
  7. Copy the whole value.


For more information about browser developer tools please advise the following external article:

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