Impersonating Users to Accept the Terms & Conditions

The Impersonation feature is a powerful way to view your Portal through the eyes of your Users. It is important to note however that it is possible to unintentionally accept the Terms & Conditions for a User when doing so.


When Terms & Conditions are required for a Department Template. The first time a User logs into the Portal a modal frame will open, sharing the Terms & Conditions with the User. The User will be presented the option to Accept or Deny the Terms & Conditions. Access to the Portal will be prohibited until the Terms & Conditions are accepted.

If the first time a User has accessed the Learner Experience is when an Administrator impersonates the account. The Admin will be presented with the Terms & Conditions as if they were the User logging in for the first time. If the impersonating Admin accepts the Terms & Conditions, this will be considered the same as if the User accepted them, and they will not be presented again. Once the Terms & Conditions have been accepted, they cannot be reset or undone.

To prevent accepting the Terms & Conditions for a User when impersonating, only impersonate Users who are actively using the LMS or who have accepted the Terms & Conditions already.

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