Viewing History in Absorb LMS

In Absorb LMS, it is easy for System Admins to provide system access to additional Administrators.  Because of this, you may have multiple people who can make changes and updates to your LMS, and it is often helpful to view the historical changes made in your LMS. There is an option to View History within the LMS.

This feature allows you to easily see the details of any changes to items such as Courses, Users, FAQs, and Polls. When you select the View History feature on these pages, you will be able to view who made the changes and when those changes were made. This article will discuss how to view the history of Admin changes.


How to View History


  1. Navigate to the left side menu, and click on the Courses button(course_icon.png). 
  2. Click on Courses to launch the Courses report.
  3. From the Courses report you can select an Online Course, an Instructor Led Course, a Curriculum, or a Course Bundle. Once you select the Course, the Edit action will appear on the right-hand side of the page.
  4. Click on Edit, the Edit Course page will open.
  5. Select View History from the right-hand side menu to launch the details window. This window displays the details about all edits and changes made to the selected Course.




  • If a System Admin has impersonated an Admin and made changes in the LMS, the History will note the name of the System Admin who made the changes. In the example above, AAA Admin is the Username of the System Admin who impersonated the Admin
  • At times, you may see a User called System. There are two reasons you may see the System in your history. The System may represent an:

    • Integration: You may see the System User when your portal is making an automatic change. This is usually due to a CSV file being imported, updating Users, Departments, HRIS Imports, etc.

    • Absorb Employee: Occasionally, after being granted permission by a System Admin, Absorb employees make changes in your portal. These changes may have been performed to test for open Support tickets, by your CSM as they provided assistance in modifying the look and function of your portal, or adjustments completed by developers to increase performance or functionality, etc.


Reports with View History

You can follow the workflow noted above to access the View History option from many reports in the LMS. Below, we have identified the features that provide you with the View History option:


Courses course_icon.png

  • Courses (Includes ILC, Online Courses, Course Bundles, and Curricula)
  • Venues
  • Competencies


  • Users
  • Roles
  • Departments
  • Groups 

Absorb Engage 

  • News Article 
  • Billboards
  • Polls
  • Collaborations

Reports report_icon.png

  • Certificates


  • FAQs

Portal Settings

System Admins can also navigate through the Portal Settings to view the historic information of the portal.


Activity Feed Report 

Course History available from the Edit Course page shows which Admin created the rule set that resulted in automatically enrolling a given Learner. When an Admin finds a Learner somewhere they shouldn't be, it is easy to go to that Learner's Activity Feed report to find out how they got the suspicious enrollment.

Two columns have been added to this report to assist with tracking Learner enrollments or course activity.

The two new columns are Initiated by and Impersonated by

  • Initiated by

    • This is the account that performed the Activity.

    • If an Admin manually enrolled or unenrolled the Learner, manually completed an enrollment, or manually granted a competency, the Admin's name will appear here.

    • If the Learner affected enrollment activity, made a comment, or earned a Competency the Learner's name will appear here.

    • When the current Admin doesn’t have permission to view the account that initiated the Action, this column will show N/A.

    • If an Admin creates/updates a rule that automatically enrolls a User (as a brand-new enrollment or an automatic re-enrollment in the future), the name of that Admin will appear here even if the Admin's account is Inactive at the time of the enrollment.
  • Impersonated by: 

    • If an Impersonation was going on, the account of the impersonator will appear here.

    • If there was not an Impersonation going on, this column will say N/A.

    • You may even see a System Admin impersonating a Department Admin and performing an action on the Learner as that Department Admin.

    • When the current Admin doesn’t have permission to view the Impersonating User account, this column will show N/A.

These columns are available to all report tools and can be included in exports like any existing column. 

Follow these steps to track User Impersonations via the Activity Feed Report:

  1. Navigate to Users from the Users icon on the left-side menu.
  2. Select the User that you would like to report on, then on the right-hand Action Menu, click on the blue View Activity Feed action button.
  3. From the Activity Feed Report, you will be able to view the Initiated by & Impersonated by columns. 


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